We conclude the team by team mocks with the final three teams. From now on, just first round mocks.


Atlanta Falcons:

1st: Darius Slay CB Miss State. 10-15 picks too high, but he could be a real steal.

2nd: Sam Montgomery DE/OLB LSU. The falcons are moving to a combo 4-3/3-4 defense. Montgomery is a local(ish) kid who can play in both fronts.

3rd: Devin Taylor DE/OLB South Carolina. They need more then one of these guys for their new defense.

4th:  Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford. He had a bad combine, but he’s a real steal here.


San Francisco 49ers:

1st: Matt Elam S Florida. Not the coverage guy they should go for, but he makes plays.

2nd: Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina. The odometer on Frank Gore is getting high. Lattimore can sit for a year, then start to replace him.

2nd: Phillip Thomas S Fresno State. More of a coverage guy, he has a knack for the ball.

3rd:  William Gholston DE Mich State. A pure 5 tech. Justin Smith is getting old.

3rd: Ryan Swope WR TAMU. A real up the field burner.

4th:  Nick Kasa TE Colorado. As big as a small OT, he has good hands.


Baltimore Ravens:

1st: Eric Reid S LSU. Might seem high, but they love players who make plays.

2nd: Justin Pugh OT Syracuse. Left tackle is a need position.

3rd: Jonathan Bostic ILB Florida. No ties to deer antlers.

4th: Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma. For some reason, his stock is early 3rd day. I have no idea why.


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