2012 Underachievers are up next…


Green Bay Packers:

1st: Matt Elam S Florida. Probably 15 picks too high, but they need DB help.

2nd: Zach Ertz TE Stanford. They kept Finley, but not out of choice.

3rd: Andre Ellington RB Clemson. A slasher who can inject some needed athleticism into their backfield.

4th: Nico Johnson LB Alabama. Not the best physical project, but a smart kid who won’t make a lot of mistakes.


Houston Texans:

1st: Keenan Allen WR California. I’m not a big fan but this makes sense. They need a 2nd level WR to go with AJ.

2nd: Alex Okafor DE Texas. They’ll stand him up. Don’t be shocked if they deal up into the high 2nd for Mingo if he drops that far.

3rd: Jordan Reed TE Florida. They like versatile TEs and lost one in Casey.

4th: Landry Jones QB Oklahoma. His stock is dropping like a stone, but the Texans can stash him.


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