Two NFC East teams now are up. Both are coming off disappointing seasons and both are looking to the draft due to cap issues.



1st: Jonathan Cooper OL UNC. He’ll start immediately and protecting Romo is the key for their team concept. 

2nd: Knile Davis RB Arkansas. Major injury issues, but there’s no denying his talent. 

3rd: Chase Thomas OLB Stanford. A Sam for their 4-3. 

4th: Jordan Hill DT PSU. An undersized gapper to play in the Kiffin defense. 


New York Giants:

1st: Barkevious Mingo DL/OLB LSU. Maybe undersized for their defense, but he’s a pure rusher and they’ll find a role for a pure rusher. Bjoern Werner is another option here. 

2nd: Brennan Williams OT UNC. A Rt in the NFL, but they could use him. 

3rd: Arthur Brown LB K-State. undersized but the kind of pursuit LB they need. 

4th: Robert Alford CB SouthEast Louisiana. A burner for a team that needs outside speed on defense. 




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