Two cap strapped teams who were bitten by the injury bug in 2012 are up next..


St Louis Rams: They filled their biggest need by signing Jake Long, but they let Amendola go.

1st: Kenny Vaccaro S Texas. Him or Elam. They need safety help.

1st(from Washington): Justin Hunter WR Tennessee. They let Amendola go and might not trust the guys they took last draft.

2nd: Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati. He should go this high and Kendricks-while talented-is far too inconsistent.

3rd: Montee Ball RB Wisconsin. A bit high, but they can take the risk.

4th: Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Connecticut. Big and physical.


Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers had a disappointing season in 2012 largely caused by injuries and cap issues. Now they’re down Mike Wallace but should be healthy.

1st: Tavon Austin WR WVU. A double-duh move. Local guy, playmaker at WR, matchup nightmare.

2nd: Brandon Jenkins OLB FSU. Too small to play DE, he’s perfect for the rush OLB spot.

3rd: Chris Faulk OT LSU. Falling due to injury, the Steelers see a steal here.

4th: Kwame Geathers DL UGA. Another of the flying Geathers family, Kwame is a massive load of a player who can play anywhere on a 3-4 Line.


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