Time to speed this up. From now on, I’m just going to do the picks in the first 4 rounds for each team and 2 teams at a time. Two NFC South teams in flux start us out:

Carolina Panthers: Its all about defense, defense, defense for them:

1st: Johnathan Hankins DT OSU. Maybe a bit high for him here, but this would make more sense then Sheldon Richardson.

2nd: Jonathan Banks CB Miss State. Dropping due to a bad combine, the kid can flat out play.

3rd: Robert Woods WR Southern Cal. They need reinforcement, especially if they’re going to try and move Cam towards becoming a more pro-style QB.

4th: Jelani Jenkins LB Florida. Too many injuries in the LB corps. Jenkins needs to sit, but he can there.

New Orleans Saints: They’re transitioning to a new dynamic defense, but they also have to reinforce the offense:

1st: Jarvis Jones LB UGA. The drop stops here. More a BPA pick then anything, but they’ll be relatively happy with it.

3rd: Terron Armstrong OL Arkansas-Pine Bluff. A developmental prospect but Charles Grant will get a shot to replace Bushrod first.

4th: The Honey Badger LSU. Secondary reinforcement, that is unless Shanahan takes him.


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