A lot of changes are still coming to the Phins. Regis Philben is expected to remake the offense more in his image.


1st: Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma. Jake Long is gone, Martin slides over to LT but they need a real starter at RT. Johnson is a starter from day 1.

2nd: Terrance Williams WR Baylor. A good combo WR, this is assuming they don’t sign Greg Jennings.

2nd: Will Davis CB Utah State. Complete ballhawk, they need to replace Sean Smith.

3rd: Jordan Reid TE Florida. A converted QB and probably an Hback in the NFL, but he just makes plays.

4th: Chris Jones DT Bowling Green. Pure rusher at DT, struggles against the run.

Late picks(5+2 7s):

Ray Graham RB Pittsburgh: a project but has the tools. Injury concerns.

Cameron Lawrence LB Miss State. Tackling machine without much else but will do all the little things well.

Zeke Motta S Notre Dame. Run supporting SS.


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