Top 10s.

Top ten overall prospects

1. Geno Smith QB WVU. Smart, big arm and accurate. The only reason he’s not the consensus #1 overall pick is because WVU’s season went into the tank.

2. Eric Fisher OT CMU. Watch, he could be the #1 overall pick.

3. Star Lotulelei DT Utah. As good a DT to come out since Suh, only without his personal baggage.

4. Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas. I’d take him #1 overall if I was drafting. The near total package.

5.  DeMarcus Milliner CB Alabama. Everything you were hoping Dre Kirkpatrick would be.

6. Luke Joeckel OT TAMU. Not nearly as good as Kahil, more Trent Williams with less pot.

7. Bjoern Werner DE FSU. Another total package guy at DE.

8. Damontre Moore DE TAMU. Amazing speed/skills, he drops-imo-because of his lack of size.

9. Eddie Lacy RB Alabama. Yet another quality Bama RB. Lacy is more a grinder then Richardson but will make some offense happy.

10. Tavon Austin WR/RB WVU. Passing on him is going to get a lot of GMs fired.


Top ten sleepers

1. Corey Lemonier DE Auburn. Hard working, never stops fighting pass rusher.

2. Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin. Limited against speed, a move to guard could make him a quality starter for years.

3. Robert Lester S Alabama. Not a great prospect but a leader and a quality player on a great college defense.

4. Stedman Bailey WR WVU. Everyone focuses on Austin. Bailey was the better pure WR.

5. Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina. Productive RB in big games and in the red zone. His knee injuries mean that someone’s getting a steal.

6. Travis Kelce TE Cincy. Good at blocking and receiving , he should rise in the draft.

7. Joseph Fauria TE UCLA. Big with good hands. Some injury concerns.

8. Devin Taylor DE South Carolina. Won’t provide much in the way of a pass rush, but he will do all the little things as a 3-4 5 tech.

9. Stephan Taylor RB Stanford. Somehow, despite a great senior bowl, is under the radar. Someone will get a Portis clone with more power.

10. Nathan Stanley Qb SE Louisiana. Big arm, good head, buried at a small school.



Top ten busts

1. Jarvis Jones LB UGA. His stock is sinking faster then Oscar Pistorius’ endorsement deals. What’s his position? Can he deal with a physical OT at 34 OLB?

2. Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri. Go watch what UGA and South Carolina’s Olines did to him. Amazing physical tools, disappears way too much.

3. Sharrif Floyd DT Florida.  I watched a lot of Floyd at Fla, I was always more scared of everyone else. Great physical tools tho.

4. Matt Barkley QB Southern Cal. Bad arm, bad head, bad attitude.

5. Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee. IN order to be a threat with the ball, one has to catch the ball.

6. Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU. The Vernon Gholston is strong in this one…

7. Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame. Even putting aside the obvious red flag for a second, Alabama exposed him as a weak ILB.

8. Menelik Watson OT FSU. Menelik, meet Bruce Campbell.

9. Mike Gillislee RB Florida. More the product of a new offense/better oline play then talent improvement.

10. Kenny Vaccaro S Texas. Has all the tools but plays under them.


Top ten perfect fits of prospect/team

1. Geno Smith-Philadelphia Eagles. Dennis Dixon ain’t the answer, Smith gives them instant cred at QB.

2. Desmond Trufant-New England. Smart, hard working CB. With Talib headed for FA and Dennard headed for jail….

3. Lane Johnson-San Diego Chargers. They need OT help badly, Johnson mobility would be perfect.

4. Eddie Lacy-Detroit Lions. They’re about to give up on Best and they need that workhorse back that they can count on.

5. Bjoern Werner-Jacksonville. They apparently want an impact defender, Werner makes a lot of sense for them.

6. Eric Reid-Washington Redskins. If he lasts this long, this would be a perfect pick up for the Skins.

7. Tyler Wilson-Cleveland Browns. Norv loves his QB with big arms and good heads. Wilson would be Rivers 2.0 there.

8. Chance Warmack-Dallas Cowboys. Smith is a good OT, but that interior line needs help badly.

9. Star Lotulelei-Carolina Panthers. They need the Dline help badly.

10. Ryan Nassib-Buffalo. If they pass on him, so should you.



Top ten bad picks you know will happen

1. Matt Barkley-Raiders. Makes zero sense and will be far too high for him. You know its happening though….

2. Da’Rick Rogers-Tennessee. “I know our butt is still bleeding from Kenny Britt…so lets take another headcase a round too high!”

3. Sheldon Richardson-NY Giants. They’ll be sucked into the fallacy that he’s Justin Tuck 2.0.

4. Mike Glennon-NY Jets. Just…oy.

5. Matt Elam-St Louis Rams. They have picks to burn and Fisher loves hitters. However, on that turf, you need a cover guy.

6. Tyler Bray-Houston Texans. Biggest fallacy in the NFL currently: Matt Schaub needs “competition.”

7. Jon Cooper-Arizona Cardinals. They need a Qb, not a LG.

8. Manti Te’o-Pittsburgh. Oh, you know this is happening.

9. Montee Ball-Green Bay Packers. Their Rbs really suck. Ball is a local hero and probably a pure product of great Olines.

10. Ezekiel Ansah-New Orleans Saints. I wonder if the Saints fans will blame Goodell for this shitty pick.


top ten players you’ve never heard of

1. Garrett Gilkey OL Chadron State. Probably a RG in the NFL, but a really turned heads at the Senior Bowl.

2. Nathan Stanley Qb SE Louisiana. See above.

3. JJ Wilcox S GA southern. Major athlete who probably will be a special teams ace with some coverage skills.

4. Montori Hughes DT Tennesse-Martin. Another castoff from Tennessee, another “he turned heads at the senior bowl” guy.

5. JC Tretter OL Cornell. A LT at a tiny school, but he has a fast guard’s body.

6. Brandon Kaufman WR E. Washington. Big WR with good hands. Some injury/speed concerns.

7. Cooper Taylor S Richmond. Physical freak who probably will move position.

8. Kyle Juszcky RB/TE/Hback Harvard. Was a TE at Harvard, has an NFL fullback’s body. Great pass catcher for a WCO.

9. Jack Doyle TE W. Kentucky. A pass catcher first and foremost.

10. Zac Dysert QB Miami or Ohio. Moving up draft boards, he has the tools for a developmental guy.



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