Assuming that they don’t go crazy and trade away everything to get rid of Sanchez….


1st: Eric Fisher OT CMU. Assuming he even lasts this long. The RT spot has been a rolling disaster for the Jets for awhile.

1st(projected trade, St Louis gets Revis Island for #22[from the skins] and a future pick in 2014): Eddie Lacy RB Alabama. Maybe not the slashing back that they would prefer, but a true yard grinder to team with a later round pick.

2nd:  Logan Ryan CB Rutgers. Maybe the next Revis…maybe the next Carlos Rogers.

3rd: Tyler Bray QB Tennessee. His stock is treading water, and the Jets need help.

4th: Andre Ellington RB Clemson. A slasher to go with Lacy.

Late round picks(5, 6 and 7):

Mychal Rivera TE Tennessee. A pass catching H-Back

Jasper Collins WR Mount Union: another in the line of combo Xs from this tiny school

Steve Greer LB Virginia. A sleeper LB prospect


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