The disaster in the desert is up next:

1st: Matt Barkley Qb Southern Cal. This will be the start of a run on Qbs.

2nd: Brennan Williams OL UNC.  Arians has seen 2 franchises up close who struggled with Olines.

2nd(projected trade, Arizona sends Darnett Dockett+4th rounder to Washington for their 2nd+DeAngelo Hall): Datone Jones DL UCLA. Great combo of size/speed, raw technically speaking.

3rd: Jordan Mills OT La Tech. See the Williams pick rationale.

5th: Khaled Holmes C Southern Cal. Knows barkley, and could be a steal.

6th:  Ben Cotton TE nebraska. Basically an undersized OT playing TE.

6th: James Wilson OG Florida. Run blocker who struggles against speed.

7th: Elvis Fisher OT Missouri. Clearly has the talent, struggled badly in the SEC.

7th: Jordan Rodgers QB Vandy. Can look like his brother, can also look like Ginger Rodgers.


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