The Vikes have put out the word that they’re going to be looking to deal Harvin. Of course there’s no way to get fair value and Harvin-despite stretches of absolute genius-doesn’t have great value right now. Some plausible deals(in no order):

1-Harvin to San Fran for Aj Jenkins+a 3rd round pick. The Vikings get a 1st round WR(no matter if he was worth the pick) and a 3rd rounder back. The 49ers get a difference maker at WR who compliments Crabtree well.

2-Harvin to Cleveland for their 3rd and 4th round picks. Vikes get picks back, Cleveland doesn’t have to overpay Mike Wallace.

3-Harvin to Kansas City for a 3rd and Tyson Jackson. Might be difficult cap wise but possible. Jackson was a stupid pick at the time, but could bulk up and play DT next to Kevin Williams. KC now has Baldwin, McCluster and Harvin at WR. Bowe can walk.

4-Harvin to New England for a 2nd+Brandon Spikes. The vikes get another Lb to throw into the mix, Spikes is out his way out of Boston and get Harvin for a 2nd.

5-Harvin to DC for a 3rd+Josh Wilson+Leonard Hankerson. Vikes get 2 potential starters-one a deep threat WR in Hankerson(who appears to be out of the mix in DC), the skins get big headlines to distract the fans from the fact that RG3 will be out a long time.

6-Harvin to the Giants for Victor Cruz+5th round pick. The Giants probably can’t(or don’t want to) pay Cruz with Randle and Nicks on the roster, Harvin is a good change of pace to both of them.

7-Harvin to Tennessee for Kenny Britt and Derrick Morgan. Britt is an asshole. Morgan has been a bust. A change of scenery could do them some major good.


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