Part 4 in our never ending series….

1st: This should be a no brainer. Cut Vick, keep Peters and draft Geno Smith Qb WVU

2nd: Even keeping Peters, they need an Olineman badly. If Reid was making this pick, it’d be DJ Fluker, since its basically Chip Kelly, think smaller and faster. Think Barrett Jones from Alabama. 

3rd: Maybe a bit of a reach but Jelani Jenkins LB Florida makes plays.

4th: Kelly can’t pass on one of his old OTs: Kyle Long OT Oregon. 

Their last 4 picks(5th, 6th and 2 7ths) will be BPA picks, so in no real order:

Emory Blake WR Auburn: big, fast…questionable hands

Corey Grissom DT South Florida: undersized but very quick. Not much else.

Braden Wilson FB Kansas State: Freakish sized FB.

Denard Robinson ??? Michigan: Makes plays. And fumbles. Mostly plays.


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