Instead of doing weekly mock drafts, I’m trying a new concept: doing a mock draft for an individual team from 1-32. For starters, the Kansas City Chiefs:

1st: Some people have them trading down and taking an OT…maybe if they lose Brandon Albert. Reid needs a franchise QB and he doesn’t have one right now. So he takes Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas.

2nd: Don’t be shocked if this is a pick which is traded down to a team looking for a Qb lika Nassib or Glennon. If he stays, Tavon Austin WR/OF West Virginia. The Desean Jackson parallels are there.

3rd: It looks like the Chiefs are sticking with the 3-4, only their 2 LSU Dlinemen are in need of replacing. Devon Taylor DE South Carolina looks like a good fit at 5 tech for them.

4th: Reid loves to take OLmen, whether he needs them or not. Justin Pugh OT Syracuse looks like a good idea at this point.

5th: Thin, fast, quick…..Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State…come on down!

6th: Reid also loves TE use. They have Moeaki but expect a young TE to be taken to help out. Brandon Ford TE Clemson might be more of an Hback but makes sense here.

7th: Call it the Kirk Cousins effect. Dwayne Crist Qb Kansas.


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