Drafts that I loved:

Pittsburgh Steelers: I think that the Steelers did the best of any team this year. They needed Oline talent(check), an heir to Casey Hampton(check) and some offensive flash(check). Just absolutely killed it up and down their picks.
Best pick: David DeCastro in round 1
Worst pick: Sean Spence in round 3(only by default).

Green Bay Packers: Needed to reinforce their defense across the board, and got some steals. They might have found 4-5 prospects who could start this year. The rich get richer.
Best pick: Where to begin…Jerel Worthy in round 2
Worst pick: Mike Daniels in round 4

Houston Texans: I really didn’t like their pick of DeVier Posey, but the rest of the draft was impressive. Mercilus, Crick, Brooks and Jones were great value picks.
Best pick: Jared Crick in round 4
Worst pick: DeVier Posey in round 3

San Diego Chargers: the lord of no rings did very well this april. Ingram, Taylor and Reyes should play quickly. They also got a bunch of solid prospects late in the draft(Green, Molk and Troutman) who might play very quickly. Only complaint is not getting a field stretching WR to replace VJax.
Best pick: Melvin Ingram in round 1.
Worst pick: Edwin Baker in round 7.

Minnesota Vikings: Love most of their picks, especially Greg Childs and Audie Cole late. Also love their trade down and still getting Kahil to protect Ponder. Nothing I can complain about.
Best pick: Matt Kahil in round 1.
Worst pick: By default, trading up for Harrison Smith in round 1.

New England Patriots: it was all about reinforcing their defense, and man did they accomplish that. Hightower and Jones should contribute immediately, Bequette and Dennard might by the end of their rookie seasons.
Best pick: Jake Bequette in round 3
Worst pick: Tavon Wilson in round 2.

Indianapolis Colts: All about rebuilding the offense, they accomplished that and got a NT for their new 34 system in Josh Chapman. The Colts, if Luck’s learning curve is short, could be back to being a regular winner very quickly
Best pick: Andrew Luck in round 1
Worst pick: TY Hilton in Round 3.

Buffalo Bills: Got 5-6 players that could contribute quickly. Hard to argue with any of their picks actually, maybe Gilmore went 10 picks too high.
Best pick: Cordy Glenn in round 2
Worst pick: Mark Asper in round 6(almost by default)

Drafts that I liked but think that there’s issues:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The anti-St Louis Rams this year, they took a bunch of safer picks and targeted ready to play prospects. I just wouldn’t tell LeGarrette Blount that Doug Martin went to Boise State lol
Best pick: Mark Barron in round 1.
Worst pick: Keith Tandy In round 6.

Arizona Cardinals: Not a huge fan of the Floyd pick, but they did get 3 quality Oline prospects(risky, but quality). Not getting an edge rusher might be fatal for their season though.
Best pick: Nate Potter in round 7
Worst pick: Michael Floyd in round 1.

New Orleans Saints: Hamstrung by trades and penalties, the Saints did well with the few picks that they had left. They needed shaping more then immediate players, and I think did a good job. Some risk though.
Best pick: Nick Toon in round 4.
Worst pick: Corey White in round 5.

Washington Redskins: Their entire draft was in their first pick: RG3. Almost no matter what else they net from the draft, whether rg3 is a bust or not will be what is remembered from it.
Best Pick: Robert Griffin III in round 1
Worst pick: Kirk Cousins in round 4.

Atlanta Falcons: Love the first two picks(Konz/Holmes), They wasted most of the rest of their picks. This is their year, or heads will start rolling
Best pick: Lamar Holmes in round 3.
Worst pick: Bradie Ewing in round 5.

Chicago Bears: They needed to come out of the draft with Oline and WR talent…they only filled one of those. I love the Jeffery pick, but whether Cutler will be upright long enough to use him is another question.
Best pick: Alshon Jeffery in round 2.
Worst pick: Shea McClellin in round 1.

New York Giants: They didn’t have a lot of immediate needs, so it was a BPA draft for them. Randle and Wilson have talent but big risk. They did a good job getting OL depth late as well.
Best pick: Brandon Mosley in round 4.
Worst pick: David Wilson in round 1.

    Very risky drafts:

St Louis Rams: with a ton of picks(and more after multiple trade downs), the Rams can be forgiven for taking a number of flyer picks up and down the draft board. But ultimately they took on a lot of risk.
Best pick: Trumaine Johnson in round 3
Worst pick: Brian Quick in round 2.

Detroit Lions: Another “lets take a bunch of names” draft for them. They might have stole Reiff at least, but the rest of the picks are unexciting.
Best pick: Riley Reiff in round 1.
Worst pick: Ryan Broyles in round 2(only on value).

New York Jets: Rex Ryan and a number of players need to be successful this season in order to stick around, and the Jets really went BPA across the board. I like trading up for Hill on value/talent, but think that other WRs would have made more sense. Coples won’t help them much.
Best pick: Terrance Ganaway in round 6
Worst pick: Quinton Coples in Round 1.

Baltimore Ravens: Upshaw was a steal, but the rest of the draft probably was a waste. Tommy Streeter was bad value even for the 6th round.
Best pick: Courtney Upshaw in round 2.
Worst pick: Kelechi Osemele in round 2.

Tennessee Titans: A total BPA draft for them. They didn’t target many positions of need and just tried to find players who can contribute quickly. I’m a fan of Zach Brown, and think that Markelle Martin was a total steal.
Best pick: Markelle Martin in round 6
Worst pick: Mike Martin in round 3.

    Drafts that I didn’t think much of:

Miami Dolphins: Did great in the 2nd day. They’ll regret taking Tannehill imo. This was another BPA draft for a team that needed to fill holes.
Best pick: Jon Martin in round 2.
Worst pick: Ryan Tannehill in round 1

Cincinnati Bengals: As usual, the Bengals took a bunch of big names regardless of position and regardless of value. Some I like, most I don’t. I don’t think that they’ll see the kind of value that they’re hoping to out of their picks.
Best pick: Mohamed Sanu in round 3
Worst pick: Devon Still in round 2.

Carolina Panthers: they needed defensive reinforcement across the board, they did little to help their Dline and DB issues. Expect them to be “exciting,” “innovative,” and “5-11” next year lol.
Best pick: Joe Adams in round 4.
Worst pick: Frank Alexander in round 4.

Denver Broncos: They traded up and down a lot, and ended up taking a bunch of long term projects. If Derek Wolfe isn’t ready, they did little to address their needs.
Best pick: Omar Bolden in round 4.
Worst pick: Derek Wolfe in round 2.

Philadelphia Eagles: I get the Cox pick, I really do. Great value and will mesh perfectly. And I like Boykin and McNutt. But the rest of their picks were Andy Reid wasted pick specials. Kendricks is too small to play safety, much less Will. Vinny Curry is another undersized rusher who will be stuck on the bench and Foles isn’t a WCO Qb.
Best pick: Brandon Boykin in round 4
Worst pick: Mychal Kedricks in round 2.

    Drafts that I laughed at:

Jacksonville Jaguars: Don’t get me wrong, trading up for Blackmon was the right move, btu the rest of their draft was comical.
Best pick: Justin Blackmon in round 1
Worst pick: Bryan Anger in round 3

Seattle Seahawks: Too many reaches, too many high picks used in places that they didn’t appear to have a need for. I get why you’d want Irvin, Wagner and Russell Wilson, but with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks combined?
Best pick: Robert Turbin in round 4.
Worst pick: Russell Wilson in round 3.

Oakland Raiders: Al Davis might be in the zombie field in the sky, but his drafting style isn’t. The Raiders took more physical projects and didn’t really improve their team.
Best pick: Juron Criner in round 5
Worst pick: The rest? If I have to pick: Tony Bergstrom in round 3.

San Francisco 49ers: I get that they stockpiled a ton of picks for next year, but this should be the year to make a big push for them. And its hard to see any of their early picks really getting on the field any time in the near future. Just a bizarre drat full of reaches
Best pick: Cam Johnson in round 7
Worst pick: AJ Jenkins in round 1.

Kansas City Chiefs: I get taking Poe, no matter the risk he brings with him(and man, I want his hair style), but two OTs when you shelled out for Winston and Albert, makes zero sense. Just an odd draft which smacks of their FO unable to make deals down or up.
Best pick: Cyrus Gray in Round 6
Worst pick: Devon Wylie in round 4

Cleveland Browns: I like some of the players that they took, but unless Richardson gets 5000 yards in his first 3 seasons, they could have gotten the same production from any number of RB prospects. Not impressed with Weeden also.
Best pick: Mitchell Schwartz in round 2
Worst pick: Brandon Weeden in round 1.

Dallas Cowboys: They dealt up for Claiborne…after investing 77 million in Scandrick and Carr. None of their picks seem like anything more then Jeruh’s love for physical freaks.
Best pick: James Hanna in round 6
Worst pick: Morris Claiborne in round 1.

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