5 teams who I loved their 2nd/3rd rounds:
1. Dolphins: Jon Martin was top 20 value, Egnew and Oliver seem like good contributors potentially.
2. Colts: Give Luck the weapons to be successful. Might be overkill, but they need the help.
3. Steelers: Mike Adams will play quickly and Sean Spence should thrive in that 3-4.
4. Broncos: Im not a big fan of Osweiller, but he can sit and learn. Wolfe/Hillman were great value.
5. Chargers: Did a great job reinforcing that defense.

5 teams who I hated their 2nd/3rd rounds:
1. I think that the Jags were drinking. A punter in the third and Andre Branch when they badly need a RT(before Martin/Glenn/Adams)? Yikes.
2. Eagles: Nick Foles isn’t a fit for that system at all. Kendricks is basically an undersized safety who’ll get creamed at LB and Vinny Curry will sit for 2-3 years. Wasted picks.
3. Lions: I like Broyles, not in the 2nd. Bentley is another guy I like but not in that system. They need a bigger CB.
4. Rams: Took too many risks, except for T Johnson. Janois Jenkins needs a firm hand to keep him in line. Quick could be Jordy Nelson but more likely will be Devin Thomas.
5. Chiefs: Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with taking 2 OTs with 2 picks, but they have so many other bigger needs.

Top 20 players left:
1. Kirk Cousins QB MSU. I’m surprised he’s still here.
2. Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss. RAW, but talented.
3. Nick Toon WR Wisconsin. Productive in a running scheme, tough and smart.
4. Alameda Ta’Amu DL Washington. Some team is going to get themselves a good NT.
5. James Brown OL Troy. ZBS left sided lineman.
6. Brandon Boykin CB UGA. Boykin is still on the board? Really?
7. Robert Turbin RB Utah State. A ZBS runner, but productive.
8. Antonio Allen S South Carolina. Basically a small LB.
9. Vick Ballard Rb Miss State. Another one cut guy, but plays faster then his numbers.
10. Brandon Mosley OT Auburn. Maybe a good backup at best, but worth a flyer.
11. Orson Charles TE UGA. More an hback, some character issues.
12. Markelle Martin S Okla State. Maybe a nickel Safety.
13. Mike Brewster OC Ohio State. Tough, smart, a leader.
14. Nigel Bradham LB FSU. Smoked the senior bowl, but too inconsistent.
15. Joe Adams WR Arkansas. Tough and quick, will contribute if you let him.
16. Ronnell Lewis LB Oklahoma. Squat without great quickness, productive though.
17. Cam Johnson DE UVA. Not exciting, one of those “doesn’t do anything great-does a lot of things well” guys.
18. BJ Coleman QB UT-Chattanooga. Good tools, small competition.
19. David Molk OC Michigan. Very undersized, but great player.
20. Audie Cole LB NC State. Stiff for an ILB, but relentless.

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