5 best 1st rounds:
1. Pittsburgh: Got top 7 talent at pick 24 and DeCastro fills a major need.
2. New England: Had to deal up, but had the extra picks to make it happen. Hightower and Jones should be contributors VERY quickly.
3. Denver: they had multiple holes and were able to pick up a bounty of extra picks.
4. Minnesota: Got the player that actually wanted and a prospect for their secondary without giving up a ton.
5. Washington: RG3 will be the name remembered from this draft IMO

5 worst 1st rounds:
1. Dallas: So you gave up a 2nd to reinforce a position that you spent 50 million on in free agency?
2. Jets: Umm….you needed a rusher, a strong safety, a RB, a WR and right side Olinemen and you take a 5 tech DE with motivation/effort issues? Are you trying to get fired Rex?
3. Miami: You could have dropped down 10 spots, picked up more picks and taken Tannehill or Weeden.
4. Seattle: Don’t get me wrong, I like Irvin-he could be a great pass rusher. But he would have been there in the 2nd.
5. Arizona: I’m so-so on Floyd, but even if he’s a good player, he wont see the ball much because the QB either sucks or is getting creamed.

Top 10 prospects left:
1. Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina. I would be shocked if he makes it to pick 40
2. Cordy Glenn OL UGA. Can play OG or OT, solid player
3. Jon Martin OT Stanford. Maybe limited upside, but a solid player
4. Courtney Upshaw DE/LB Alabama. I actually felt bad for him last night
5. Peter Konz OC Wisconsin. Probably won’t last past Balto’s 2nd.
6. Alameda Ta’amu DL Washington. A NT, but a great NT prospect.
7. Coby Fleener TE Stanford. Be worried that Harbaugh passed on him….
8. Vinny Curry DE/LB Marshall. One dimensional, but good at it.
9. Mike Adams OT OSU. Small arms but could be a great RG.
10. Jerel Worthy DT MSU. Maybe not a great upside guy, but a solid 2nd banana DT.


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