33-St. Louis Rams: Mike Adams OT OSU. Insurance policy.
34-Indianapolis Colts: Colby Fleener TE Stanford. Luck’s reliable TE target for him to use.
35-Minnesota Vikings: Jayron Hosley CB Va Tech. Kahil in round 1, fix the DB mess in round 2.
36-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Doug Martin RB Boise State. Assuming they pass on T-Rich in round 1.
37-Cleveland Browns: Joe Adams WR Arkansas. His stock is still sneaky high. This is assuming a Tannehill pick at 4.

38-Jacksonville Jaguars: Kelechi Osemele OL Iowa State. Assuming an Ingram or Floyd pick in round 1.
39-St. Louis Rams(from Washington): Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State. Whomever is running that defense needs DT talent.
40-Carolina Panthers: Chandler Jones DE/LB Syracuse. Despite C-Johnson justifying his massive deal, they need another rusher.
41-Buffalo Bills: Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska. Probably way too high, but he could move to FS.
42-Miami Dolphins: Kirk Cousins QB Michigan State. Im guessing that they pass or lose out on Tannehill.
43-Seattle Seahawks: Nick Perry DE Southern Cal. Assuming an OLine pick in round 1, Carroll gets someone he knows.
44-Kansas City Chiefs: Brandon Weeden QB Okla State. Makes a lot of sense. They don’t have to wait on him to develop.
45-Dallas Cowboys: Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss. Jeruh, sadly, finally realized that the Oline is important.
46-Philadelphia Eagles: Ruben Randle WR LSU. Yes, they have Maclin and Jackson, but they always go BPA. RB is a possibility here.
47-New York Jets: Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers. A fluid flanker to team with Holmes.
48-New England Patriots(from Oakland): Janoris Jenkins Cb North Alabama. Doesn’t seem like a BB type player, but he took Gonzo from Urban’s summer camp and he had pot issues also.
49-San Diego Chargers: Nick Toon WR Wisconsin. They need a WR option with Jackson finally leaving. Toon is quietly moving up boards.
50-Chicago Bears: LaMichael James RB Oregon. Lets just say that Forte could be had cheaply. Maybe the next pick cheaply…
51-Philadelphia Eagles(from Arizona): Bobby Wagner LB Utah State. The LB spot is to Andy Reid what Spain was to Napoleon.
52-Tennessee Titans: Zach Brown LB UNC. Free falling, but only because teams are afraid he’s the next Keith Rivers(OLB sans any rush ability).
53-Cincinnati Bengals: Lamar Miller Rb Miami. 2 down back who won’t help in short yardage situs.
54-Detroit Lions: Jeff Allen OT Illinois. DB or LB in round 1, Jeff “Walking Dead” Backus’ replacement in round 2.
55-Atlanta Falcons: James Brown OT Troy. A prototypical ZBS LT going to a team that needs one.
56-Pittsburgh Steelers: Alameda Ta’amu DL Washington. They can’t take him fast enough.
57-Denver Broncos: Billy Winn DL Boise State. Bunkley will be badly missed if they don’t replace him.
58-Houston Texans: Tank Carder LB TCU. A bit high, but they need a 3 down LB.
New Orleans Saints(forfeited)
59-Green Bay Packers: Jamell Fleming CB Oklahoma. A sleeper, the Pack loves them BPA also.
60-Baltimore Ravens: Josh Robinson CB Central Florida. Maybe Webb 2.0?
61-San Francisco 49ers: Brian Quick WR App State. Moss and Manningham might not be the answer. Meanwhile Crabtree could be headed elsewhere at a cut rate price.
62-New England Patriots: Brandon Taylor S LSU. Name their FS…I dare you.
63-New York Giants: Dwayne Allen TE Clemson Community College. Value pick, but Allen is prone for mental lapses.
64-Indianapolis Colts: David Wilson RB Va Tech. The Colts’ entire offense needed replacement.
65-St. Louis Rams: Isiah Pead Rb Cincy. SJax is still the starter, Pead gives him 3rd downs off.
66-Minnesota Vikings: Marvin McNutt WR Iowa. Harvin needs someone on the other side.
67-Cleveland Browns: Vick Ballard RB Miss State. They really wanted Pead here, they’ll be happier with Ballard.
68-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Andre Branch DE Clemson Community College. They’re going to keep drafting Clemson rushers until one pans out dammnit!
69-Washington Redskins: Brandon Boykin CB UGA. Deadly returner also.
70-Jacksonville Jaguars: Juron Criner WR Arizona. Lee Evans isn’t the answer.
71-Buffalo Bills: Tommy Streeter WR Miami. I don’t think much of him, but they need a target for Fitzpatrick.
72-Miami Dolphins: Orson Charles TE UGA. A real TE/Hback type to help move the offense.
73-Miami Dolphins (from Carolina via Chicago): AJ Jenkins WR Illinois. Slot burner.
74-Kansas City Chiefs: Josh Chapman NT Alabama. A “what the hell, why not” pick.
75-Seattle Seahawks: Bernard Pierce Rb Temple. Much in the Lynch mold, he picks up some carries from him.
76-Houston Texans(from Philadelphia): Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma. They need WR help but can let him recover.
77-New York Jets: Zebrie Sanders OT FSU. I don’t trust the right side of their line.
Oakland Raiders(forfeited)
78-San Diego Chargers: Coryell Judie CB TAMU. The Lord of No Rings can’t pass on physical tool players.
79-Chicago Bears: Cam Johnson DE UVA. When it doubt, the Bears take a DE.
80-Arizona Cardinals: Brock Osweiler QB ASU. Not like they’re super sold on Kolb.
81-Dallas Cowboys: BJ Coleman QB UT-Chattanooga. And thus begins the love affair between Coleman and disgruntled Cowboys fans come December.
82-Tennessee Titans: Philip Blake OL Baylor. Can play C or G, the Titans need help at both.
83-Cincinnati Bengals: George Iloka S Boise State. Another team that can’t pass on measurable.
84-Atlanta Falcons: Nigel Bradham LB FSU. Don’t ask too much from him early.
85-Detroit Lions: Antonio Allen S South Carolina. Should thrive in that system.
86-Pittsburgh Steelers: Robert Turbin RB Utah State. Mendenhall will be hurt to start 2012, and he’s expensive to keep.
87-Denver Broncos: Casey Hayward CB Vandy. That secondary is o.l.d.
88-Philadelphia Eagles(from Houston): Ryan Lindley QB SDSU. A perfect developmental project for Reid to work with.
89-New Orleans Saints: Greg Childs WR Arkansas. The Saints need another WR and they don’t mind medical red flags.
90-Green Bay Packers: Jared Crick DL Nebraska. Steal. STEAL.
91-Baltimore Ravens: Audie Cole LB NC State. They’ll find a place for him.
92-San Francisco 49ers: Leonard Johnson CB Iowa State. A straight out of central casting 5-10 200 lbs 4.5 40 CB.
93-New England Patriots: Chris Givens WR Wake. Hard working, productive, won’t complain.
94-New York Giants: Malik Jackson DE Tennessee.. Can’t have enough rushers.


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