There’s a lot of bullshit being slung out there. Consider this mock as an attempt to cut through it:

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck Qb Stanford. Duh.
2. Washington Redskins(from St Louis): Robert Griffin III Qb Baylor. Double Duh.
3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kahil OT Southern Cal. I’m not buying the trade talk here, Minny won’t get fair value as compared to taking Kahil. Tannehill or whomever isn’t worth dealing up this ar.
4. Cleveland Browns: Morris Claiborne CB LSU. Blackmon makes sense, but Holmgren’s butt is still bleeding from Koren Robinson. I don’t buy the Tannehill this high talk yet.
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Trent Richardson RB Alabama. I buy him going this high, Blount isn’t the answer imo.
6. Projected trade: Miami Dolphins (from St Louis Rams via Washington: St Louis gets pick #8, Miami’s natural 3rd and 4ths): Ryan Tannehill Qb TAMU. Cheap trade up with extra picks. I’m no fan of Tannehill but Miami needs a Qb badly.
7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Melvin Ingram DL South Carolina. Great fit for the Jags, with all their DTs on the roster, Ingram can see less doubles.
8. St Louis Rams(from Miami): Fletcher Cox DT Miss State. Shooting up the boards, I buy it: he’s a hard working talented guy. Fisher loves him some strong DT play also.
9. Carolina Panthers: Luke Kuechly LB BC. Who knows what you’re going to get from Davis/Beason.
10. Buffalo Bills: Justin Blackmon WR Okla State. Not a matter of Blackmon dropping, more a matter of others rising. The Bills can’t get this pick in quick enough.
11. Projected trade: New York Jets(from Kansas City Chiefs, KC gets pick 16, Bart Scott and Ricky Sapp): Dontari Poe NT Memphis. I do buy the rumors that the Jets are trying to move up for a defensive playmaker. Ingram makes more sense, but a real NT would be great for them also. The Chiefs would only drop down a few picks for LB help.
12. Seattle Seahawks: David DeCastro OG Stanford. Oline, oline, oline.
13. Arizona Cardinals: Riley Reiff OT Iowa. No matter who’s throwing the ball, he needs protection. Don’t be shocked if this pick goes to Miami for Cameron Wake either.
14. Dallas Cowboys: Mark Barron SS Alabama. Rising up boards, they need safety help badly.
15. Philadelphia Eagles: Quentin Coples DE UNC. Dropping as fast as Barron is rising, the Eagles don’t mind risk on a rusher.
16. Kansas City Chiefs(from Jets): Michael Brockers DL LSU. They play him at 5 tech for now.
17. Cincinnati Bengals(from Oakland): Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama. If he’s here, they’ll jump on him.
18. San Diego Chargers: Courtney Upshaw 34 attacker Alabama. Him or Nick Perry imo. With so many edge rushers, they could be shopping this pick to someone who wants an early dropper.
19. Chicago Bears: Jon Martin OT Stanford. Him or Glenn here. Tice prioritizes the Oline.
20. Tennessee Titans: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame. Floyd’s head must be spinning with the wide range of opinions about his abilities. The Titans hope he doesn’t hang out with Britt.
21. Cincinnati Bengals: Stephen Hill WR Ga Tech. Won’t see the ball much with Green on the other side, but will be a burner.
22. Cleveland Browns(from Atlanta): Kendell Wright WR Baylor. Moving back up the charts, don’t be surprised if this pick gets flipped for a QB like Hoyer.
23. Detroit Lions: Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina. Fills a need? Not a pothead? SOLD!!!!
24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Cordy Glenn OG UGA. Big need: filled.
25. Denver Broncos: Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina. Peyton needs another target.
26. Houston Texans: Nick Perry DE/34 attacker Southern Cal. They like Reed and Barwin, but they need more.
27. New England Patriots(from NOLA): Jake Bequette DE/OLB Arkansas. Can play in a 3 point or standing up. And this is about 20 picks too high for him. Sold!
28. Green Bay Packers: Vinny Curry 34 attacker Marshall. Matthews needs someone to draw away doubles/triples.
29. Baltimore Ravens: Peter Konz OL Wisconsin. Apparently the worst kept secret in the draft: the ravens love Konz.
30. San Fran 49ers: Coby Fleener TE Stanford. And they hope that Fleener/Davis are the new Gronk/Gonzo.
31. New England Patriots: Markelle Martin S Okla State. The real question is who trades away their 1st next year to make this pick.
32. New York Giants: Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss. With the OL talent that they have, they can let him wait a year or two.


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