The All-Akh Draft team for 2012:
QB: Andrew Luck Stanford. I really like Griffin III, but Luck is the total package. He maybe not as good a prospect as Peyton Manning was but he’s at least superior to Sam Bradford. The Colts(or Redskins) should account themselves very lucky to end up with him.

RB: Trent Richardson Alabama. I really liked Ingram last year, but Richardson could be the better pro.
TE: Colby Fleener Stanford . Might one of the best TE prospects in years. Somehow he’s flying below the radar a bit.
WRs: Justin Blackmon Okla State, Alshon Jeffery South Carolina and Stephen Hill Ga Tech Neither of them are a full blue chipper in the Andre Johnson mold, but they should all be quality pros. Blackmon more in the Reggie Wayne mold, Jeffery as what Boldin always wanted to become and Hill a lot like D. Thomas in Denver.
OTs: Matt Kahil Southern Cal and Jon Martin Stanford Kahil is a blue chip OT prospect who shouldn’t go after pick 3. Martin might be limited in his upside, but he should be a quality OT for years.
OGs: David DeCastro Stanford and Cordy Glenn UGA. Both prospects are as strong prospects for the OG spot in years. Glenn can play just about anywhere on the Line also.
OC: Michael Brewster Ohio State. Generally in the top 3-4 of Center prospects this year, Brewster is a leader and a vet from a long tradition of good Olineman from OSU. Don’t pass on him.
DEs: Melvin Ingram South Carolina and Whitney Mercilus Illinois. Both are pass rush specialists and a bit undersized, but Ingram could be a dominating player in the pros in the right system. Mercilus was born to play in the 4-3/3-4 swing defenses which are coming into vogue.
5 tech: Michael Brockers LSU . As a DT, Brockers probably will be a bad pick. As a 5 tech, he could really shine. Best of a lower rent bunch at this position.
DTs: Fletcher Cox Miss State and Alameda Ta’amu Washington . Cox has a motor which never stops and is a very smart player. Ta’amu is very undervalued: a quality NT/1 gapper who should thrive in the right situ.
NT: Dontari Poe Memphis. I have questions about his mental makeup, but you can’t get past that he’s a physical freak.
OLBs: Ronnell Lewis Oklahoma and Zach Brown UNC Both of them will drop due to the “Keith Rivers corollary”(non pass rushing OLBs will drop in the draft), but both of them should be quality Wills for years.
34 OLB: Vinny Curry Marshall. Very one dimensional, but so quick/fast that he should be able to pull it off.
I/MLB: Don’ta hightower Alabama I’m really high on him(have been for years). He can play anywhere at LB and is a vet leader.
CBs: Morris Claiborne LSU and Dre Kirkpatrick Alabama. Kirkpatrick’s stock is dropping because of character concerns, but both him and Claiborne have the look of shut down corners in the NFL.
FS: Markelle Martin Okla State. Martin is quietly put together a great case to be a surprise 1st round pick. Very active, fluid in coverage and doesn’t make many mistakes.
SS: Mark Barron Alabama . Very strong prospect at Safety. Barron was a leader on a legendary college defense and has played well for multiple seasons(along with recovering from a shaky Junior year).

The All-Akh Sleeper pick team for 2012:
QB: Ryan Lindley San Diego State Man, he can hit every possible throw. The problem is the rest of the time when he thinks he’s better then Peyton Manning.
RB: Vick Ballard Miss State. Probably ideal in a ZBS, Ballard is a rare tough runner with good breakway speed. So-so combine has dropped him.
TE: Brad Smelley Alabama. Ultimately, an H-back but a very strong blocker who can make big catches(and is good improvising).
WRs: Greg Childs Arkansas, Lance Lewis ECU and Ryan Broyles Oklahoma . All dogs with various fleas, Childs is recovering from a major knee injury a couple years ago, Broyles is still suffering from his. Lewis is a big game player who did well against big teams.
OTs: Brandon Mosley Auburn and Joe Long Wayne State. Mosley might be one of those “limited upside guys” but should be a competent OT(probably on the right). Long is Jake’s little brother and has done well in the postseason practices.
OGs: Rokevious Watkins South Carolina and Stephen Good Oklahoma. Watkins had a so-so combine but a strong pro day, he can play anywhere but OC and showed up against the top competition. Good is a very overlooked prospect who needs to work on his run blocking.
OC: David Molk Michigan. Molk doesn’t lack for confidence, but he needs to fill his mouth with protein so he can bulk up to 320. Very polished prospect.
DEs: Malik Jackson Tennessee< and Jake Bequette Arkansas. Jackson faced double/triple teams all year long but looked strong in the postseason practices. Good 4-3 LDE potential. Bequette might be one dimensional, but he’s nasty and can rush the passer.
5 tech: Billy Wynn Boise State. Quietly moving up charts, Wynn can tween between 4-3 LDE and 5 tech. Smart kid.
DTs: Jaye Howard Florida and Akien Hicks Canuckastan. Howard was the model of an Urban Meyer boom/bust guy. Either he dominated or you didn’t know he was on the field. Some well coached team should take him. Hicks played in Canada and has great speed for a DT.
NT: Hebron Fangupo BYU . Squat, big and nasty. Someone gets a quality NT in the 4th or 5th.
OLBs: Nigel Bradham FSU and Danny Trevathan Kentucky. Bradham absolutely torched the senior bowl and shot up charts but is coming back to earth. Even in the late 2nd, he’s a steal imo. Trevathan is a great example of a smart player who’s being overlooked because he played on an awful team and didn’t turn heads at the combine. He might be a backup in the pros, but you’ll feel good with him out there.
34 OLB: Bruce Irvin WVU. Can only rush the passer but man is he fast and quick. Has “Pittsburgh Steelers 34 OLB” written all over him.
I/MLB: Jerry Franklin Arkansas. Can play anywhere in the defensive front 7, but is probably best as a 3-4 ILB attacker. Smart player.
CBs: Jamell Fleming Oklahoma and Isaiah Frey Nevada. Frey is a physical freak with ballhawk skills, but playing at Nevada and his up/down final season will hurt. I don’t quite know why Fleming isn’t a top 50 player right now. He has the skills and physical tools.
FS: Neiko Thorpe Auburn. Big(6-3) CB out of high school who made the natural move to FS. Rangy with good speed, but needs to stop biting on fakes/hitches.
SS: Winston Guy Jr Kentucky. Smart instinctive player who’s being overlooked because his physical tools don’t jump off the page. Great value after pick 100.

The All-Akh bust team for 2012:
QB: Ryan Tannehill. Wows the scouts in practices, why can’t he repeat his good throws in a game?
RB: David Wilson Va Tech . Good size/speed but major fumbles issues and runs towards contact way too much.
TE: Dwayne Allen Clemson. Entered the draft process as the top TE, half-assing his way through the combine et al has scouts worried that he’s another soft/lazy Clemson player.
WRs: Tommy Streeter Miami, Chris Givens Wake and Brian Quick App State. Streeter and Quick are guys who’ve jumped up the boards because they’re fast physical freaks. Nevermind that both run bad routes. Givens isn’t big, fast or quick..but productive…against bad teams.
OTs: Riley Reiff Iowa and Zebrie Sanders FSU.Reiff’s arms are very short for an OT, Sanders was abused by any pass rusher of note basically.
OGs: Ryan Miller Colorado and Kelechi Osemele Iowa State> Both are ogres with bad footwork. Both will go 40 picks too high lol.
OC: Ben Jones UGA. Showed up at the senior bowl and combine flabby. His bad senior bowl didn’t help either.
DEs: Quentin Coples UNC and Andre Branch Clemson. Coples thinks he’s Julius peppers. He ain’t. Branch torched bad OTs in the ACC but is stuck between being 34 OLB and a 43 DE.
5 tech: Devon Still PSU. Productive in college, but really struggled against OSu/Wisconsin.
DTs: Brandon Thompson Clemson and Kendall Reyes UConn. Thompson would show up for small stretches, then be a tackling dummy far too much. Reyes isn’t nearly powerful enough to be a 4-3 DT.
NT: Josh Chapman Alabama . Strong and tough, he’s Terrance Cody without the talent lol.
OLBs: Keenan Robinson Texas and Mychal Kendricks Cali. Kendricks is literally the size of a smaller CB, he’s going to have to move positions or die at the feet of Olinemen. Robinson is like Zach Brown(non-rushing LB) without the smarts or instincts.
34 OLB: Jon Massaquoi Troy. Slow, weak and 260 lbs. Why is he seen as a potential 3rd again?
I/MLB: Luke Kuechly BC. Smoked the combine, I think he could be a decent starter but I wouldn’t take him before pick 50. I’d rather have any number of ILB/MLBs before him.
CBs: Stephon Gilmore South Carolina and Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska. I love both these players, but would be worried about them. Gilmore is shooting up the board from his combine/pro days(not many 6-1 Cbs with great speed), but he was very inconsistent(great in man, terrible in zones). Dennard might have great cover skills but not the physical skills. He should be a FS imo.
FS: Trumaine Johnson Montana. Ballhawk, but bites on fakes/hitches WAY too much for my liking.
SS: George Iloka Boise State Another guy out of position, he’s too stiff to be a coverage safety, maybe in a 3-4 in a Polamalu role? His physical tools will get him looks in the top 120, but I would be very careful taking him.


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