Players who stood out for good things:

Isaiah Pead: The MVP of the game, he might not be an everydown back but could be a Sproles-like back.

Joe Adams: Early fumble, but really took over the game afterwards.

Mike Adams: His stock should be shooting up the boards into the top half of the 1st round now. He might be the 3rd OT taken now.

Juron Criner: Not a 1st rounder, but his performance probably gets him into the mid 2nd.

Marvin Jones: Under the Radar no more.

Bobby Wagner: he was a late round pick before yesterday, now he’s a mid rounder and rising.

Doug Martin: The Clinton Portis is strong in this one.

Jake Bequette: Moved to OLB to see the field and showed good coverage ability

Zach Brown: he’s not going to rush the passer well but he’ll blow up screens, cover well and play the run. The Briggs comparisons MIGHT be apt.

Nigel Bradham: Lawrence Timmons 2.0

Players who stood out for bad things:

Quinton Coples: He only looked good against OGs. He got the skills/physical ability, but something’s missing…drive…effort…something

Kirk Cousins: looked unsure and lost. He cost himself a few rounds.

Ben Jones: So bad he might not get drafted.

Chris Polk: Whispers about him being out of shape weren’t helped by his performance after the 1st drive.

Devier Posey: OSU player who was suspended for being an idiot showing a lot of mental lapses…shocker.

Kelechi Osemele: Looked out of sorts all game long. He’s definitely an OG in the NFL and he might be a project at that.

Courtney Upshaw: he had great practices, so he might not get hurt that badly, but he was MIA in the game.

Other notes:

-Its hard to give the QBs other then Cousins’ obvious mental lapses much note because they didn’t have to face blitzes and the four most prominent QBs(Weeden, Wilson, Moore and Foles) all have issues facing the blitz. I’ll just say that: I saw a lot of NFL level throws out of Weeden(in the short/medium routes) and not a lot out of Wilson(that missed TD on the opening drive was inexcusable), Foles has a cannon but terrible mechanics and Moore is a leader but probably is just a backup in the NFL. None of them are anywhere near Griffin/Luck though.

-The Olines were far ahead of the Dlines, but that might also be a product of the no-blitzing rules.

-Alameda Ta’Amu needs to play in a 3-4 next to a great 5 tech or in a 4-3 next to a top flight DT to be successful in the NFL.

-Antonio Allen was what he was at USC: an undersized LB with good ball skills. He doesn’t have great cover skills at safety.

-Brandon Thompson was consistent with his push but needs to show more.

-I liked some of Cordy Glenn’s play, but he struggled too much to put him in either category.

-Vinny Curry is what you think he is: a dedicated rusher who’ll try and beat an OT to the corner but he’ll also get suckered by fakes, reverses and won’t cover the backside because he’s too busy attacking.

-Looks like that Raheem Morris has taken Danny Smith’s Cardinal Richelieu position next to Shanny at all time.

-There’s a BIG drop off from the top crust of talent to the 2nd tier at QB, WR, OL and DL this year.

-Ryan Tannehill needs to smoke his pro day or Weeden’s going to take his 3rd Qb spot for a top 17 pick.


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