Acquire at all costs
1. Andrew Luck QB Stanford: arguably the best QB prospect since Peyton.
2. Matt Kahil OT Southern Cal: Maybe not the next Boselli. Probably the next Clady

Blue chippers
3. Robert Griffin III QB Baylor: Smart, pro release, productive and has improved as a pure passer.
4. Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina: Big, fast, great hands, tough, smart. The real deal.
5. Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State: Extremely productive and feared.
6. Quentin Coples DE UNC: He likes to think he’s the next Peppers. Maybe the next Quinn with better tools.
7. Morris Claiborne CB LSU: A shutdown CB who can cover just about anyone.
8. Jonathan Martin OT Stanford: He’d be a top 3 pick if it wasn’t for Kahil.
9. Trent Richardson RB Alabama: Turned in an amazing season emerging out of Ingram’s shadow.
10. Dre KirkPatrick CB Alabama: Head case, but big/fast/skilled.

2nd tier
11. Michael Brockers DT LSU. A big time DLine prospect from a program that’s been pumping them out.
12. Riley Reiff OT Iowa: Bulaga 2.0? Not as polished/talented at Martin, Kahil but probably a long term starter at OT in the NFL.
13. Courtney Upshaw LB/Defensive attacker Alabama. Very productive prototypical 3-4 rusher.
14. Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame: Big, fast and shows up when needed. Hands/focus a question.
15. Don’ta Hightower LB Alabama: Can play almost any LB spot. Maybe not as talented as McClain but he’ll make a GM look smart.
16. David DeCastro OL Stanford: One of the better OG prospects to declare in awhile.
17. Melvin Ingram DL South Carolina: Situation player until his senior year, was an All-American as a senior. Turn him loose and he’ll kill QBs.
18. Zach Brown LB UNC: Very polished OLB who’ll cover/tackle/seal the backside
19. Peter Konz OL Wisconsin: Road grader who will go 20 or so spots lower then he should.
20. Cordy Glenn OL UGA: Can play either OT or OG, he’s one of the best OL prospects to come out of a program who’s prioritized it.
21. Dwayne Allen TE Clemson: A stock 6-4 pass catching TE. Good instincts, so-so blocker.
22. Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska: His upside might be limited ultimately, but at worse you’re getting a 2nd CB.
23. Mark Barron SS Alabama: His stock is going to rise/fall on his combine but he’s recovered-playwise-from his bad 2010 season.
24. Nate Potter OT Boise State: not nearly as talented as the top OTs, but did well keeping Moore upright in a passing system.
25. Kevin Zeitler OL Wisconsin: Big run block OG who will thrive if not asked to play in a pass happy system.
26. Dontari Poe DT Memphis: Massive NT/DT who will find a role in the NFL—even if just as a space eating 2 DT.
27. Kelechi Osemele OL Iowa State: Massive OG who has all the skills but speed. Someone will get a steal after a bad combine 40
28. Ruben Randle WR LSU: He might see a Tolliver like drop after the title game, but he can play.
29. Mike Brewster OC Ohio State: 8 straight starts, talented, a leader. Ask the Jets how much they like Mangold.
Talented but red flagged
30. Devon Still DL Penn State: I’d be very worried about taking him, but with a good combine he could be a top 12 pick.
31. Jared Crick DL Nebraska: injured all year, but his resume+34 DE skill set probably sneaks him into the top 40.
32. Mike Adams OT OSU: Smart, fast(ish) OT with great size. His footwork will determine his draft stock.
33. Whitney Mercilus DE/LB Illinois: Could be the next Osi, could also be the next Larry English.
34. Brandon Weeden QB Okla State: a polarizing draft prospect. Some see a great thrower, some see a 28 year old playing in a big system against kids.
35. Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama: no one can deny his talent, but his head ain’t screwed on right.
36. Josh Chapman DT Alabama: Massive DT who should have stayed in school.
37. Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech: I like him better then D. Thomas a couple years ago.
38. LaMichael James RB Oregon: LaMichael, meet Jahvid Best..you’ll have the same career lol.
39. Bruce Irvin LB/DE WVU: a pure pass rusher in the Brooks Reed vein. Needs work and a 3-4 system to play in.
40. Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State: Underrated, but I can’t remember a harder working guy on the field.
41. Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma: Without the knee injury, he’s a top 15 player. Someone will get a steal.
42. Nick Foles QB Arizona: Tall, big arm, good delivery. I question his mental skills.
43. Marvin McNutt WR Iowa: A sleeper prospect. Good size/speed and intagibles.
44. Alameda Ta’amu DT Washington: The performance against Baylor hurts him, but he’s still top 50.
45. Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina: Had a great freshman year, terrible soph year..so/so as a junior. Good size/quickness.
46. Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State: Was a top 10 prospect headed into the season and struggled.
47. Dwight Jones WR UNC: A poor man’s mcnutt.
48. Rokevious Watkins OL South Carolina: ZBS teams will avoid him due to his size, but tough, mean and played just about everywhere well.
49. Kendall Wright WR Baylor: His stock could suffer from playing with Griffin, but he could be worth a low 2nd.

4th tier: limited upside or MAJOR question marks without much upside

50. Levy Adcock OT Okla State: Got the size you want, but stiff as a post and has cement feet. Maybe move to OG?
51. Nick Toon WR Wisconsin: Got the pedigree and was productive but very inconsistent.
52. Jayron Hosley CB Va Tech: A straight out of central casting 5-10 180 lbs ballhawker.
53. Chris Polk RB Washington: Very consistent producer at RB, my concern is how much wear is on him with 800 carries in college.
54. Nick Perry Southern Cal LB: Shorter edge Rusher who projects as a WDE in the pros. I can’t get excited for him.
55. Ryan Tannehill QB TAMU: Got the tools, but it seems like he disappeared in big moments.
56. Audie Cole ILB NC State: Limited upside, but could be a functional ILB starter.
57. Jeff Fuller WR Tamu: Good size/hands, but isn’t good enough with his moves to overcome his 40.
58. Kellen Moore QB Boise State: He’s got all the intangibles, but his arm strength will be the biggest hurdle between him and NFL success.
59. Lamar Miller RB Miami: Very productive and rated as a 1st rounder currently but his pass blocking worries me.
60. David Wilson RB Va Tech: Had a productive year. Va Tech Rbs don’t have the best track record though. Wilson seems like a guy who’ll need to be teamed with a Brandon Jacobs type.
61. Orson Charles TE Georgia: He’s probably an Hback in the pros, but he could be the next Cooley
62. Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers: never a super productive player, Sanu could sneak into a team looking for a Bolden-esque flanker.
63. Jake Bequette DE Arkansas: He’s got all the tools but can’t get the attention it should merit. Someone will get themselves a good rusher come April.
64. Antonio Allen SS South Carolina: Played the hybrid Spur position, he’s a SS in the pros. Ballhawk with great tackle skills.
65. Kirk Cousins QB Michigan State: A solid QB prospect who does a lot of things well, but nothing badly or very well.
66. Vick Ballard RB Miss State: Tough runner with good tools, playing for a so-so MSU team might hurt him.
67. Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin: He needs to with a coach who will play him like Brees/Flutie, but he could be effective with good talent around him.
68. Travian Robertson DL South Carolina: The forgotten man on South Carolina’s Dline. He’s absolutely dominating the Shrine Bowl practices.
Iron Pyrite: stay away
69. Luke Kuechly LB Boston College: He’s seen as a top pick. I see a tackling machine who won’t rush the passer or ballhawk much.
70. Brandon Thompson DT Clemson: Like with Bowers, watch him versus SC, he was dominated by their OGs.
71. Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State: Can’t deny his talent, but he might make TO look like Tebow.
72. Zebrie Sanders OL FSU: Experienced, fast/quick with good size..but his lack of technique worries me.
73. Matt Reynolds OT BYU: Slow/bad footwork…then he showed up at the East/West Shrine Bowl practices MUCH smaller the BYU claimed.
74. Case Keenum QB Houston: Gaudy stats…how’d that work out for similarly weak armed air raid Qbs? Maybe him, Brennan and Timmy Chang can open a beach bar together?
75. Donte Paige-Moss DL/LB UNC: Why did he declare? He was a HUGE recruit who turned into a self-entitled douche who couldn’t sack a Qb.


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