I have to be honest, This is going to be the most exciting NFL draft I could ever hope for. As the Washington Redskins find themselves in the thick of things with the number 6 overall selection. This draft will be the one that brings the Redskins franchise back to prominence.

Never have I seen two college quarterbacks this talented and nothing should drive Snyder to trade up for one of them more then after watching Rex Grossman and John Beck for a full season. Throw Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn into the mix and things will be getting really dicey.

Here’s what I believe to be the five scenarios this free agency and draft could bring this offseason. Five decisions where wide ranging opinions of Redskins fans will wander.

1. The Redskins trade their second rounder for Matt Flynn and use their first on BPA. This scenario while interesting is the wrong move. It’s tempting, but it won’t work out. Look at the 6 TD’s in one game against a good Lions defense! Impressive yes, but let me tell you why this isn’t enough for me to be convinced he’s going to be worth his asking price. It’s one game! The guy has been waiting for a chance to play for 16 weeks after watching his MVP partner tear it up in a ridiculously talented offense. Yes he was great in that game but you have to take into account his situation, the fact that there was no pressure for Green Bay to win as they already had home field locked up, the fact that the Green Bay offense is way better than the Redskins, and the fact that their offensive coaching is way better than anything the Shanaclan can come up with. You put Matt Flynn in the same shoes as Sexy 4 pick Rexy against the Eagles in week 6 (coming off a bye) in a NFC East high pressure situation without his Green Bay talent and I guarantee you he isn’t putting up anything close to the same numbers. Don’t nibble!

2. The Redskins trade the 6th overall selection for Peyton Manning. If this happens the Redskins mania will explode, our preseason hype will eclipse any story to ever happen in the NFL. Peyton Manning jersey’s will fly off the shelves as fast as buffalo wing’s landing into drunken ulcer ridden football fans stomachs on superbowl day. The Redskins superbowl bandwagon will be sporting chrome 22’s and the curse known as Redskins ineptitude will seemingly fade away into a sad generation of Snyderatto. However this is exactly what Snyderatto would do! It won’t work out for the team long term, and unless it grants us a superbowl in Peyton’s twilight it most definitely wont be worth it. Different system, different players, heaps of pressure. I warn you Redskins fans. Don’t bite!

3. The Redskins stand pat with the #6 selection and take Dre Kirkpatrick/Justin Blackmon/Trent Richardson. While all three of these guys are premier talents, I wouldn’t call any of them the right move. As Redskins fans we have seen these top ten picks before, and what happens to them if they aren’t winning? What happens when they aren’t playing for an impassioned team that has a strong drive to win their division and eventually win it all? These type of players get used to the losing culture and they stop giving a shit. Look at Carlos Rogers, starting pro bowler for the 49ers one year removed from a Redskins team that was tired of his 9th overall selected ass. Laron Landry is going to be the next one, and Trent Williams could be the next victim if things don’t change soon. Blackmon won’t have anyone good enough throwing him the ball and will pull a TO just like he was wanting to do in the Fiesta bowl, and Trent Richardson will simply get 9 in the box every down. Not worth it. Don’t chomp!

4. The Redskins trade the 6th overall selection, second,and third rounders and their 2013 and 2014 first rounders to move up and select Andrew Luck. Talk about a steep asking price! Skins fans will be super excited, but they will have that feeling you get when you wake up incredibly hungover after a crazy night downtown, realizing you left you left your credit card somewhere in Adam’s Morgan. Yes Andrew Luck is absolutely incredible, but it’s the wrong move. Trading away the farm this badly will cause Luck to suffer from what Sam Bradford is going through. Which simply is, your team around you is such trash that nothing great you can do will help this team win it all. It could be a similar situation to what Manning has endured for most of his career in Indianapolis but without all of the division titles and playoff appearances. It could turn out that Andrew Luck is so good that he overcomes this through Snyder spending through the roof in free agency for talent, but we have all seen what springtime superbowls lead to. Awful team chemistry. Look at the Eagles for the most recent example. While it would be great to have Luck as a superstar Franchise QB the asking price will be way too high. Maybe chomp…

5. The Redskins trade the 6th overall selection 2012 4th rounder and their 2013 1st rounder to move up and select Robert Griffin III. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! The bells are ringing and parades are commencing, Redskins fans are getting wasted everywhere. While the price to move up is steep the Redskins have secured their franchise QB, one that many analysts are saying has a higher ceiling than even Andrew Luck. RG3 simply put is the guy to lead this team to greatness for years to come. He will start right away and he will win the Redskins games in the most exciting fashion. This is what Redskins fans have been waiting for and we are due for a franchise QB. Not since Theisman have the Skins had a superstar at QB but the drought will finally end. Free Agency and the remainder of the draft will bolster the talent around RG3 and he will tear it up every Sunday leaving ESPN and NFL network analysts in awe of just how brilliant Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan are, how genius they could be for such a wise decision. Bad QB = Years of losing… Robert Griffin III = Victory parade. CHOMP!


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