1.Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck QB Stanford. He sits for 1-2 years until Peyton walks

2. St Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State. Bradford needs someone to throw it.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil OT Southern Cal. Their oline is a wreck. Alshon Jeffery is the pick here if he declares.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Morris Claiborne CB LSU. They need defensive help and a WR isn’t worthy of this pick(assuming Jeffery stays).

5. Carolina Panthers: Quinton Coples DE UNC. BPA BPA BPA

6. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III Qb Baylor. This is more what I would do, but its plausible.

7. Miami Dolphins: Jonathan Martin OT Stanford. Marc Columbo has cost them a couple games.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: Devin Still DL PSU. They need help elsewhere, but this is Andy Reid we’re talking about here….

9. San Diego Chargers: David DeCastro OG Stanford. That oline needs help badly.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dre KirkPatrick CB Alabama. So they can dump Talib.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Barkley QB Southern Cal. They just can’t pass on him.

12. Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson RB Alabama. If Peyton Hillis wasn’t white, wouldn’t his issues be getting a lot of press?

13. Arizona Cardinals: Nate Potter OT Boise State. A reach, but they need the help.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Landry Jones Qb Oklahoma. Disaster.

15. Buffalo Bills: Courtney Upshaw 34 rusher Alabama. They need defensive help badly.

16. Tennessee Titans: Cordy Glenn OG UGA. They need Olinemen badly.

17. New York Jets: Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina. Versatile and makes plays.

18. New York Giants: Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State. The Giants need LB help badly, especially with Boley a bust and the rest of the group subpar at best.

19. Denver Broncos: Luke Kuechly LB BC. Another team that needs MLB help.

20. Cincinnati Bengals(from Oakland): Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska. Their defense is falling apart since Leon Hall went out.

21. Detroit Lions: Michael Floyd WR ND. Titus Young and Burleson aren’t the answer and this is a BPA team.

22. Dallas Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama. Jenkins and Newman were liabilities all year long.

23. Cincinnati Bengals: Montee Ball RB Wisconsin. Quietly put together a great season.

24. Chicago Bears: Riley Reiff OT Iowa. With Martz leaving for college ball, they’ll finally do something about their Oline.

25. Cleveland Browns(from Atlanta):  Ryan Tannehill QB TAMU. Colt McCoy was who we thought he was: shitty.

26. New England Patriots(from New Orleans): Mark Barron SS Alabama. Rebounded with a big senior year, the Pats always have to have a great SS to make that system work.

27. Houston Texans: Dwight Jones WR UNC. Quietly moving up draft charts, Jones would make a good compliment to AJ.

28. Baltimore Ravens: Donta Hightower LB Alabama. Its clear that Ray Ray’s time in Balto is coming to an end. Hightower isn’t a need, but BPA.

29. San Francisco 49ers:  Barrett Jones OL Alabama. Anthony Davis needs to move to OG. Jones can hold down a OT spot.

30. New England Patriots: Zach Brown LB UNC. They need reinforcement there badly.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Adams OT OSU. Big masher of an OT for a line that needs the help. OLB is also a possibility with Harrison slowing down.

32. Green Bay Packers: Vince Curry 34 rusher Marshall. He’ll have time to develop, but they need another rusher out there if Bishop is hurt a lot.

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