1. Seattle Seahawks: Andrew Luck QB Stanford. Carroll saves his job…somehow.
2. Carolina Panthers: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State(assuming Alshon Jeffery stays in school). Newton will be given every chance….to fail lol
3. San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Martin OT Stanford. Bad enough to fail, not bad enough to get Luck. Martin gets the nod over Kalil.
4. Cincinnati Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama. They should take a QB. They won’t.
5. Tennessee Titans: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame. Kenny Britt’s life is a bad reality show.
6. Washington Redskins: Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State. I don’t buy that Shanahan will go Qb here yet. Burfict is chum for the Shanny waters: Talented, physical freak, head case lol.
7. Buffalo Bills: Landry Jones QB Oklahoma. Don’t be shocked if they deal Spiller.
8. Arizona Cardinals: Matt Kalil OT Southern Cal. Kolb needs protects if he’s going to suck properly lol.
9. Denver Broncos: Jayron Hosley CB V-Tech. Their Cbs are a disaster area.
10. Cleveland Browns: Jeff Fuller WR TAMU. A chain mover which they desperately need.
11. Dallas Cowboys: Robert Lester S Alabama. DB is a festering herpetic sore for them.
12. Detroit Lions: Riley Reiff OT Iowa. Jeff Backus is their starting LT.
13. Miami Dolphins: Nick Foles QB Arizona(assuming Matt Barkley stays in school). Chad Henne…Chad Henne….
14. Kansas City Chiefs: Kirk Cousins QB MSU. If the Chiefs are picking here, then Cassel is on the chopping block.
15. Houston Texans: Ryan Broyles WR/returner Oklahoma. Wade and his defense probably survives a regime change, they rack up the yards but they need a polished player for a big program to help them learn how to win.
16. Chicago Bears: Nate Potter OT Boise State. No matter if Lovie/Martz/Cutler survive this season, they need a pass blocking LT.
17. Philadelphia Eagles: Quinton Coples DE UNC. If they’re picking here, its because the offense failed badly. They of course will respond by taking another pass rusher if Reid is still in charge.
18. Minnesota Vikings: Jerel Worthy DT MSU. Maybe a better fit in a 3-4, but he’ll be a good 4-3 DT if he has another quality DT to play off of.
19. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Brewster OC Ohio State. They need an interior line leader.
20. Oakland Raiders: Cliff Harris CB/Returner Oregon. Big program burner. Sold!
21. St Louis Rams: Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina. Ballhawky CB who can lost focus at times.
22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Donta Hightower LB Alabama. They’ll move him around at OLB a lot.
23. New York Giants: Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma. Weakside playmaker
24. Baltimore Ravens: Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma State. Oher is probably a better fit at RT, and they’re struggling to find the right combo now.
25. San Diego Chargers: Devin Taylor DE/OLB South Carolina. A monster of a DLman, he’ll play outside rush lb or 5 tech.
26. Indianapolis Colts: Greg Childs WR Arkansas . He probably won’t have a great season without Mallet and trying to recover from a patellar injury, but the colts can wait a year on him.
27. New York Jets: Kelechi Osemele OG Iowa State. Massive power blocker.
28. Cleveland Browns(from Atlanta): Zach Brown OLB UNC. They wanted Travis Lewis, they’ll be happy with Brown.
29. Pittsburgh Steelers: Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas. Jon Scott ain’t the answer for them at LT.
30. Green Bay Packers: David DeCastro OG Stanford. Never hurts to have another quality Interior line prospect
31. New England Patriots(from New Orleans): Ryan Miller OG Colorado. Nate Solder looks like a good fit for them, Belichek goes back to the same well for another tall OLman.
32. New England Patriots: Courtney Upshaw Alabama. A terror in the SEC, the Pats gladly snap him up.

College top 5s

1. Andrew Luck Stanford. He does have all the skills, but another year of eligibility. I think who’ll pick him matters.
2. Landry Jones Oklahoma. Big, strong, not as polished as Bradford. He should be a top 10 pick. Matt Barkley would be here, but I don’t think he’s a lock to come out.
3. Kellen Moore BSU. Not big, but a tough winner who just knows how to make plays.
4. Kirk Cousins MSU. He has the tools and if you give him time, he’ll shred you. If.
5. Ryan Lindley SDSU. Jake Locker with less hype/risk. If his accuracy is over 60% this year, he’s a top 30 pick.
Late round sleeper: John Brantley Florida. Mis-cast as Tebow replacement, playing for Weis could help him blossom.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: B+. Luck and Jones are 2 top flight prospects.

LaMichael James Oregon. The knock on him will be his size, but with the move towards smaller prime backs with a bruising RB to team with him, he could be a real star in the NFL. He probably would stay, but Oregon might be headed to the NCAA principal’s office.
2. Trent Richardson Alabama. L. James-lite. Tougher runner though.
3. Tauren Poole Tennessee. An undersized grinder in the ZBS mold. Tough and productive.
4. Isaiah Pead Cincy. Great pass blocker, not great straight line speed.
5. Cyrus Gray TAMU. A guy who does lot well, nothing great.
Late round sleeper: Washaun Ealey UGA. Low rent Moreno.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: C+. No blue chippers and even James/Richardson have a lot of risk.

Justin Blackmon Okla State. Very polished prospect who seems to be the real deal. Alshon Jeffery would reside here, but like Barkley I don’t think he’s coming out yet.
2. Greg Childs Arkansas. Don’t sleep on him.
3. Ryan Broyles Oklahoma. Very polished with good physical tools. Just a bit small.
4. Michael Floyd Notre Dame. A niche WR, but he’ll find a way in the NFL.
5. Jeff Fuller TAMU. A pure flanker and does it well.
Late round sleeper: Marvin McNutt Iowa. Big with decent speed+great hands.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: B-. With Jeffery and A+. After Blackmon it’s very so-so.

Jonathan Martin Stanford. Gets the nod over Kalil since he’s a better run blocker.
2. Matt Kalil Southern Cal. Very raw, but an amazing prospect.
3. Kelechi Osemele Iowa State. Maybe a RT or LG in the NFL, any team who was a bulldozer should draft him.
4. Mike Brewster Ohio State. Very polished, physical, he should have come out last year.
5. David DeCastro Stanford. A very good ZBS OG prospect. Good footwork, good speed.
Late round sleeper: Rokevious Watkins OG/OT South Carolina. Run block specialist, will play RT this year.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: A+. Talent up and and down all line positions.

Quinton Coples UNC. Massive 4-3 weakside DE. He could be a top pick in the draft(his teammate Paige-Moss also could be, but he might stay in school).
2. Jerel Worthy MSU. Think Corey Liuget with better tools.
3. Devin Taylor South Carolina. 6-7 255 with great speed and wingspan.
4. Vinny Curry Marshall. Pass rush specialist, someone will find a way to use him in the 3-4.
5. Marcus Forston Miami. Can play just about any DT spot.
Late round sleeper: Cam Johnson UVA. Needs to bulk up a bit, but has good tools
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: B+. If both UNC DEs come out, it could be a legendary class.

LB(no DLman who could be stand up rusher will be listed in this section if they were before):
Courtney Upshaw Alabama. Probably a dedicated rusher, but he’s been a nightmare for the SEC to deal with.
2. Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State. Under the radar, but the cat can ball. Probably a Timmons-type ILB
3. Brandon Jenkins FSU. Don’t let him do anything other than rush.
4. Zach Brown UNC. Fast with some skills.
5. Donta Hightower Alabama. Can play basically anywhere in any system. Not a disruptor, but will be around the ball and cover well.
Late round sleeper: Chris Marve Vandy He should have come out this year also.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: B-. Some real players out there, but if the juniors stay in school, it could be barren.

Dre Kirkpatrick Alabama. Polished, can cover a tornado fast, and 6 foot fucking 3.
2. Stephon Gilmore South Carolina. Nose for the ball and good size/speed, sometimes loses focus.
3. Jayron Hosley Va-Tech. A straight out of central casting 5-11/180 lbs Va Tech CB. Ballhawk who’ll fuck up from time to time.
4. Cliff Harris Oregon. Speed. Speed. Speed. Can accelerate to close gaps quickly.
5. Casey Hayward Vandy. Physical CB with decent speed.
Late round sleeper: Shaun Prater Iowa. Nothing special, but does a lot of things well.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: B-. Kirkpatrick is the star of the show, but if the juniors stay in school this quickly becomes a D+

Robert Lester Alabama. Quickly surpassed Mark Barron as the jewel of the Alabama Safety factory.
2. Eddie Whitley Va Tech. Coverage guy and does it well.
3. TJ McDonald Southern Cal. Need to flash some coverage skills, but he hit/tackles well.
4. Kenny Tate UMD. He’s reportedly going to play LB, but he’s a safety in the NFL. Another physical freak(6-4 220) who needs to put it together.
5. Ray Ray Armstrong Miami. See Tate, Kenny. If Ray Ray is suspended as part of the Miami mess, he’s off this list.
Late round sleeper: Mark Barron Alabama. Was a top 10 pick headed into last season. Terrible year and he needs to rebuild himself. Could be a real steal though.
Overall grade for the position potential/talentwise: C. Meh. No-one stands out at all.

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