1. Carolina: AJ Green WR UGA. I don’t know how sold Carolina actually is on Gabbert or Newton. They spent 2 days with Newton and came out of it non-committal. The owner doesn’t want him and the GM is still talking up Clausen. Kiper and Mort think that they’re going with a defender at 1 overall. I think that there’s at least as good a chance that they BPA offensive skill position here.
2. Denver: Von Miller OLB TAMU . They can literally go one of many directions here, but all the most likely ones are defensive. Miller can be a Sam in a 4-3 easily. Or they can go Tampa-2(which Fox is a proponent of) and use him like the Bears use Briggs in an attacking Will slot.
3. Buffalo: Marcell Dareus DT Alabama. They’re VERY tempted by Gabbert here, but decide that Fitzgerald is the future.
4. Cincinnati: Julio Jones WR Alabama. Should they take Gabbert here? Absolutely. But it’s the Bungals.
5. Arizona: Blaine Gabbert Qb Missouri. I have no idea why they would consider dealing their 2nd(and more) to the Eagles just to pay Kolb 8 mil a season.
6. Cleveland: Robert Quinn DE UNC Man, they’re tempted by Peterson here here. But they need a RDE to make that defense go.
7. San Francisco: Pat Peterson CB LSU He helps their secondary and special teams immediately.
8. Tennessee: Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas. Its very plausible that he goes this high. The Titans apparently really like him and with deep strike WRs+good OTs+CJ this could work.
9. Dallas: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal This makes almost too much sense to happen lol.
10. Washington: Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri. If they’re stuck here(and I don’t think that the Skins will be picking here at the end of the day), they’ll take either Pouncey or a defensive front 7 asset. Pouncey, Smith, Cam Jordan or Phil Taylor.
11. Houston: Prince Amukarama CB Nebraska Their secondary is a bigger wreck than their front 7.
12. Minnesota: Mike Pouncey OL Florida They’re tempted by a QB or DE, but they’re going to make a push to resign Ray Edwards apparently and I believe the McNabb rumors.
13. Detroit: Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College Jeff Backus is their left tackle. Do I have to say more?
14. St Louis: Leonard Hankerson WR Miami They are going to try and resign Clayton, but they still need a deep burner. Hankerson on that turf could be scary.
15. Miami: Kyle Rudolph TE ND Ponder is a possibility here, but without a chance to deal down or deal for McNabb or Palmer, they’ll probably go BPA here. Rudolph medically checked out, so his stock is headed back up.
16. Jacksonville Cam Newton QB Auburn Sadly, his career-especially in this situation, where he’ll be pushed out there too quickly—will be mostly remembered for the Jersey sales.
17. New England(From Oakland): Mark Ingram Rb Alabama He can make tough runs, catch the ball out of the backfield and block. He’s the complete back they’ve lacked since Dillon retired.
18. San Diego Phil Taylor NT Baylor They’re tempted by a lot of different players here, but they can’t pass on replacing Jamal Williams(finally).
19. New York Giants: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State Oline a major priority, Sherrod would be great value here.
20. Tampa Bay: Rodney Hudson OG FSU Even if they resign Joseph, they need help at OG.
21. Kansas City: Brooks Reed 34 OLB A reach to certain, but he fills a major need for them.
22. Indianapolis: Nick Fairley DT Auburn Of course Polian will take a WR or RB here lol. Watch them team him with Haynesworth or Tommie Harris also.
23. Philadelphia: Martez Wilson OLB Illinois What is it about the Eagles where they just can’t find anything at OLB? Even Ernie Sims was a waste.
24. New Orleans Cameron Jordan DL California He’s much less of a risk than Bowers(who’s stock is Gaddafi-esque now).
25. Seattle: Marcus Cannon OG TCU They are begging out of this pick though. Two trade possibilities: to the Skins for 41+Haynesworth so that Washington can pick Kaepernick/Kolb+Eagles’ 3rd to here so that they can take Cannon.
26. Baltimore Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa status quo ante
27. Atlanta Ryan Kerrigan DL Purdue He’s probably more of a natural fit at 4-3 DE, and Kerrigan fits the tweener mold that they seem to like.
28. New England: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin Outside WR and 3-4 DE/rusher are major needs, but they can afford to take BPA here. Carimi replaces Light.
29. Chicago: Marvin Austin DL UNC Harris’ replacement. They need quick DTs to make the defense work. Austin might be a con man, but he’s got the physical tools.
30. New York Jets: JJ Watt DL Wisconsin Ellis’ replacement. They’re tempted by Rob Sands though.
31. Pittsburgh: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma They like Ryan Clark, but he’s falling apart as a player.
32. Green Bay: Lawrence Guy DL Arizona State Jenkins’ replacement.


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