Assuming a settlement of course…

1. Carolina: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri Even the owner doesn’t want Newton, and he wasn’t afraid to fire his sons from ceremonial jobs with the organization.
2. Denver: Marcell Dareus DL Alabama. Him or Quinn here UFN.
3. Buffalo: Von Miller Defensive attacker TAMU. Status quo ante
4. (projected trade) Miami(from Cincinnati, Cincy sends Carson Palmer to Miami, Miami sends Chad Henne+Sean Smith+pick 15): Patrick Peterson CB LSU. Miami needs someone to team with Davis. Smith has talent, but he still needs time. Miami also gets a bridge QB, Cincy gets rid of a contract that’s going to never play for them again and a CB to replace Jon Joseph.
5. Arizona: Robert Quinn DL/OLB UNC. Status quo ante.
6. Cleveland: AJ Green WR UGA. They can’t decide between him and Jones.
7. (projected trade) San Diego(from San Francisco, San Diego sends the Franchise rights to Vincent Jackson and pick 18 to San Fran. San Diego gets something for VJ, San Fran gets a big WR to team with Crabtree): Julio Jones WR Alabama. I can see the parallels between Jones and Jackson(same game, Jackson is bigger).
8. Tennessee: Mike Pouncey OL Florida. They really need OG help and they know it. If Quinn is here, they’ll take him also.
9. Dallas: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal.
Dallas is calling everyone trying to get out of this spot. The question is whether they hang up when someone asks about Romo…
10. (projected trade)Kansas City(from Washington, Washington gets pick 21, a 4th round pick and Lb Demorrio Williams. Shanahan apparently is locked into 2 players with this pick, but he doesn’t expect either to be there. They’re willing to deal down 10 or so picks if they get 3rd round value back). Aldon Smith DE/defensive attacker Missouri. Whether or not Hali leaves, they need another edge rusher.
11. Houston: Phil Taylor NT Baylor. Status quo ante
12. Minnesota: Anthony Castonzo OT BC. His stock is rising again. They take him for the same reason I had them taking Sherrod last week.
13. Detroit: Prince Amukarama CB Nebraska St Louis. They have little to nothing at CB right now.
14. St Louis: Cameron Jordan DL/Defensive attacker California Maybe not a “need” pick, but this makes a lot of sense. He can play inside on 3rds, outside on 1st/2nd.
15. Cincinnati(from Miami): Nick Fairley DT Auburn. They dump Palmer, get a credible younger QB, a CB to replace Joseph and they still get Fairley…everything is coming up Milhouse!
16. Jacksonville: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma. They were really hoping that Amukarama would fall here. They’ll console themselves with Carter.
17. New England(From Oakland): Leonard Hankerson WR Miami Branch/Welker are solid, they need a depth threat.
18. San Francisco(from San Diego): Mark Ingram RB Alabama I would be surprised if Gore is around the Bay area in a few years.
19. New York Giants: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State Starts at LT soon.
20. Tampa Bay: Ryan Kerrigan DL/Defensive attacker Purdue Stylzez White is falling apart, and they need to fix that pass rush.
21. Washington(from Kansas City) Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada I hear from little birdies that Shanny still loves this kid.
22. (projected trade)Minnesota (from Indianapolis, Indy gets Bryant McKinnie, pick 43 and a conditional pick in 2012) Cam Newton QB Auburn Leslie Frazier probably is secure enough to wait on Newton.
23. Philadelphia: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin Trade Justice/Kolb before people realize how much they suck. Don’t be surprised if Denver flips Tebow and Miami’s 2nd for this pick.
24. New Orleans: Martez Wilson LB Illinois They really missed Fujita.
25. Seattle: Marcus Cannon OG TCU Status quo ante
26. Baltimore: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. I could buy a 5 tech here now, just not Heyward or Muhammed Wilkerson.
27. Atlanta: Daquan Bowers DE Clemson I don’t buy the Lions rumors, especially with the whispers of the word “microfracture” swirling around him. Atlanta can afford the risk here.
28. New England: Lawrence Guy DL ASU Status quo ante.
29. Chicago: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU Doesn’t matter who, but if they’re keeping Cutler, they need an OT here.
30. New York Jets: Muhammed Wilkerson DL Temple They really have taken a shine to him, and they can let someone else overpay Ellis.
31. Pittsburgh: Rodney Hudson OG FSU A major steal here imo.
32. Green Bay: Torrey Smith WR Umd James Jones might be let to walk, Driver will only be around for a year or two.

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