1. Carolina: Blaine Gabbert Qb Missouri. If I’m Jerry Richardson I call in Hurney and explain where these Newton rumors are coming from. And if he blubbers, show him clips of his last choice of a raw QB from last year.
2. Denver: Marcell Dareus DL Alabama. Status quo ante
3. Buffalo: Von Miller Defensive Attacker TAMU. His pro day was the stuff of legends apparently.
4. Cincinnati: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. High risk, high reward. They hit on Dunlap last year, the dice keep getting rolled.
5. Arizona: Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC. They really might want a Qb here though.
6. Cleveland: Julio Jones WR Alabama. They need a lot of things, but McCoy getting a quality WR helps the most right now.
7. San Francisco: Patrick Peterson CB LSU. They’re tempted by Green, decide to improve a leaky defense instead.
8. Tennessee: AJ Green WR UGA. Yes, they have Moss and Britt, but I wouldn’t trust either.
9. Dallas: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. Free and Columbo are a disaster.
10. Washington: Mike Pouncey OL Florida. He starts at RG immediately.
11. Houston: Phil Taylor NT Baylor. They pounce on a perfect building block for them.
12. Minnesota: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. McKinnie can go bye-bye now.
13. Detroit: Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Status quo ante-ish
14. St Louis: Prince Amukarama CB Nebraska. Name their CBs without looking.
15. Miami: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma. Clemons ain’t the answer in the secondary.
16. Jacksonville: Aldon Smith DE/Defensive attacker Missouri. Bowers might be a choice, but there’s a lot of concern that Bowers will need microfracture surgery shortly and there’s a lot of questioning his actual skill level.
17. New England(From Oakland): Leonard Hankerson WR Miami. Status quo ante-ish.
18. San Diego: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. To team with Castillo.
19. New York Giants: Anthony Castonzo OT BC. Starts over Diehl at LT soon.
20. Tampa Bay: Cameron Jordan DL/Defensive attacker California. They build the Dline around him and McCoy.
21. Kansas City: Ryan Kerrigan DL/Defensive attacker Purdue. I had Martez going here for awhile. They probably will want a more dedicated pass rusher here.
22. Indianapolis: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. Probably has good enough footwork for what they need.
23. Philadelphia: Martez Wilson LB Illinois. Sims was a fiasco for them. Btw, the “Kolb for a top 10 pick” rumors are hilarious, and Peter King needs to stop pimping them for Reid.
24. New Orleans: Akeem Ayers LB UCLA. Smart player for a fast defense.
25. Seattle: Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Steal of the draft here imo.
26. Baltimore: Torry Smith WR UMD. Balto likes local players and he fills a major need. And the latest “They’ll take Heyward here” rumors are hilarious also.
27. Atlanta: Rodney Hudson OG FSU. I don’t see this pick changing if Hudson is available here. Maybe Bowers?
28. New England: Lawrence Guy DL Arizona State. He’s a perfect fit for what they want to do.
29. Chicago: Ryan Mallet Qb Arkansas. Does this make a lot of sense? Nope, but its very plausible. Big armed Qbs do well in the Windy City. And Cutler is on his way out of town I bet(someone will make them a good offer).
30. New York Jets: Justin Houston Defensive attacker UGA. Inconsistent, but a better option than the ups/downs of Pace et al.
31. Pittsburgh: JJ Watt DL Wisconsin. Ziggy Hood is probably on his way out.
32. Green Bay: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Bulaga moves to the Left, Barskdale starts at RT


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