This mock is solely based on the premise that I’m acting as the GM for each team. Not what I think that they will do, not what I reasonable think is possible that they could do, but specifically what I would do if I was the GM of each team.

1. Carolina: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. If they had a 2nd, they should go Dareus here. Gabbert might have to wait a bit, but he’s good enough for this pick.
2. Denver: Marcell Dareus DT Alabama. Its very tempting to take Von Miller to anchor the LBs corps. I would also flip Tim Tebow to Arizona or Jacksonville for 2nd round value and see about finding a strong safety worth a damn.
3. Buffalo: Von Miller Defensive Attacker TAMU. No brainer pick. Why they’re even considering a Qb when Fitzpatrick emerged last season is beyond me.
4. Cincinnati: Julio Jones WR Alabama. Don’t even think about it, just take him. OchoPele and TO are gone. No matter who the QB will be next season they need a real reliable target.
5. Arizona: AJ Green WR UGA. Boy did they miss Boldin and Warner. Skelton and Anderson aren’t the answer, so as the Cards’ GM, I seriously think about calling Denver to offer them Beanie Wells for Tebow.
6. Cleveland: Robert Quinn DE UNC. They don’t have any real talent at this position yet. I would probably swap 1sts with San Diego for Vince Jackson though.
7. San Francisco: Mark Ingram Rb Alabama. Frank Gore hasn’t repeated his famous 2006 season(and hasn’t come close frankly). It might be time to flip him to someone dumb(cough cough Dallas cough cough) and go with another option.
8. Tennessee: Patrick Peterson CB LSU. They have a surprising amount of holes, Finnegan isn’t the same player he was 2 years ago though. I also wait until Mike Brown gets drunk on Friday night and talk him into a Vince Young for a 2nd day pick deal.
9. Dallas: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. Free/Columbo aren’t the answer. They also need some help at CB and RB. More than anything, Dallas needs identities on both sides of the ball.
10. Washington: Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Man, it is really tempting to take Phil Taylor, Aldon Smith or Prince Amukarama here. It’s also tempting to call the Chargers about Vincent Jackson and their 1st. I probably call around in the 20s also, but being stuck here since I’m not projecting any trades, I take the player who helps my offense the most. Cannon at RG solidifies the Redskins’ biggest offensive problem: the sieve of the interior Oline.
11. Houston: Phil Taylor NT Baylor. Amurakara probably helps more, but I don’t have a real NT to work with here.
12. Minnesota: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. With Kevin Williams, Fairley won’t be asked to anchor my defense. I still need a Qb badly though(and I’d rather have Jackson than Young as my starter).
13. Detroit: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. I really need a defensive backfield playmaker, but getting Jeff Backus off the team is priority.
14. St Louis: Prince Amukarama CB Nebraska. For a team that was on the welcome mat of the playoffs, they have a lot of holes. I would think TE or WR here, but resigning Mark Clayton makes a lot of sense. I need DB help after losing Atogwe more.
15. Miami: Christian Ponder QB FSU. Him or Kaepernick here, I lean towards Ponder because he’s smells like a better fit for their WCO variant. The other big priority for me in the draft w/Miami is to get a RB or TE with my 3rd round pick.
16. Jacksonville: Leonard Hankerson WR Miami. Thomas/Sims Walker are decent secondary players. Hankerson has consistency issues, but he can be a top target. If I deal for Tebow, I probably flip Garrard to who didn’t get him.
17. New England(From Oakland): Aldon Smith DE/Defensive attacker Missouri. Watch their defense from last year, they need a real rusher out of the outside in the worst way.
18. San Diego: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. Everyone is thinking “defense defense defense defense” with this pick. Meanwhile, Rivers got sacked the most he ever did last year. And I still have Vincent Jackson to flip for LB help(directly/indirectly).
19. New York Giants: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Costanzo is another option, but this oline is build on the concept of guys who don’t have to be taught who to play their position.
20. Tampa Bay: Mike Pouncey OG Florida. As the Tampa GM, I’m resigning Joseph, drafting Pouncey and keeping Freeman upright for 5 years.
21. Kansas City: Cameron Jordan Defensive attacker California. I need an outside WR here, maybe some safety help. I can’t pass on Jordan here. Hali might go elsewhere.
22. Indianapolis: Anthony Costanzo OT BC Peyton might be on the downward slope of his career, but protecting him on the edge buys him 2-3 more seasons.
23. Philadelphia: Rodney Hudson OG FSU. And I tell Reid to get over his oversized Olineman fetish while I’m trying to fleece the Cards for Kevin Kolb.
24. New Orleans: Akeem Ayers LB UCLA. Who wants Reggie Bush? Anyone? Bueller?
25. Seattle: Colin Kaepernick Qb Nevada. And I pray that Okung can stay healthy.
26. Baltimore: Torry Smith WR UMD Local kid and I can dump Derrick Mason on the Redskins for a future pick.
27. Atlanta: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa I do like Clayborn to go higher than this pick, but he would make a great tag team partner for Abraham. Jon Baldwin is very tempting though…
28. New England: Lawrence Guy DE/DL Arizona State Smith really helps the pass rush, but this defense hasn’t been as good since Seymour left(and wasn’t replaced).
29. Chicago: Marvin Austin DL UNC I need to replace Harris pretty badly, thankfully the lockout has gotten people to forget about Culter-gate
30. New York Jets: JJ Watt DL Wisconsin Shaun Ellis wants a big deal, I don’t want to give it to him.
31. Pittsburgh: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma “Dom, I realize you love Ryan Clark. He’s a hard worker, but look how lost he looks when Troy is hurt”
32. Green Bay: Robert Sands S WVU Peprah and Bigby is replaceable. I might also reach for a WR here like Randall Cobb to replace Driver/Jones.


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