1. Carolina: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. Aced the wonderlic and smoked his private workout. I’m frankly confused by why he shouldn’t be the #1 pick.
2. Denver: Marcell Dareus DL Alabama. Him or Quinn, they need a DT more than DE imo
3. Buffalo: Julio Jones WR Alabama. Miller, Quinn or Peterson makes more sense imo.
4. Cincinnati: Patrick Peterson CB LSU. So that they don’t have to pay Jonathan Joseph.
5. Arizona: Von Miller Defensive Attacker TAMU. So that they can dump Porter onto the cast of The Walking Dead.
6. Cleveland: Robert Quinn DE UNC. They need 4-3 Dline talent badly.
7. San Francisco: AJ Green WR UGA. Yes, they have Crabtree, but he’s very inconsistent.
8. Tennessee: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. That Tennessee run defense really misses Haynesworth.
9. Dallas: Prince Amukarama CB Nebraska. Mike Jenkins, please turn in your playbook.
10. Washington: Phil Taylor NT Baylor. Him or Aldon Smith here for now. They need a defensive playmaker.
11. Houston: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. They need a 5 tech pretty badly.
12. Minnesota: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. McKinnie is a liability.
13. Detroit: Mark Ingram RB Alabama. He’s from Michigan, and Best showed that he’s not durable enough to be the main back.
14. St Louis: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma. Status quo ante
15. Miami: Mike Pouncey OL Florida. It’ll be an offensive player here for now.
16. Jacksonville: Da’quan Bowers DE Clemson. He could be successful with as many quality DTs as they do.
17. New England(From Oakland): Aldon Smith Defensive attacker Missouri. Perfect for what they want to run.
18. San Diego: Cameron Jordan DL/Defensive attacker California. He’ll play some 5 tech and 34 rush lb.
19. New York Giants: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. OT is a major priority.
20. Tampa Bay: Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Sneaking up the first, he can replace or support Davin Joseph.
21. Kansas City: Martez Wilson LB Illinois. He can rush from the edge or play inside. Good value here.
22. Indianapolis: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. OL help is required.
23. Philadelphia: Cam Newton QB Auburn. With Vick, they can sit him for a couple years. Will Reid be around in 2 years is the question.
24. New Orleans: Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame. Status quo ante.
25. Seattle: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. They need a RT badly.
26. Baltimore: Anthony Castonzo OT BC. Oher plays rt again, Castonzo starts on the left.
27. Atlanta: Rodney Hudson OL FSU. Perfect for the ZBS.
28. New England: Leonard Hankerson WR Miami. Inconsistent, but the Pats will develop him well.
29. Chicago: Lawrence Guy DL Arizona State. Shooting up the boards, he replaces Harris and can move around the DL.
30. New York Jets: Justin Houston Defensive attacker UGA. Bryan Thomas, Taylor and Pace all might be gone.
31. Pittsburgh: Ryan Kerrigan DL Purdue. Ziggy hood is very one dimensional at DE, Kerrigan can spell Harrison at OLB(he’s breaking down also) and give them real depth at DE.
32. Green Bay: JJ Watt DL Wisconsin. Just go ahead and get his jersey ready.


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