1. Carolina: Marcell Dareus DT Alabama. Tagging Kahil over Johnson makes a defensive player more likely(for now). Dareus does more for them than Fairley or Bowers.
2. Denver: Robert Quinn DE UNC. He’s getting lost in the wash, but this allows them to move Elvis to the LDE spot and to dump Ayers.
3. Buffalo: Von Miller 34 OLB TAMU. Status quo ante.
4. Cincinnati: Julio Jones WR Alabama. His amazing combine jumps him over Green(for now).
5. Arizona: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. Probably the only nfl-ready QB in this draft.
6. Cleveland: AJ Green WR UGA. They can’t get the card up to the podium fast enough.
7. San Francisco: Patrick Peterson CB LSU. A real shutdown CB which they’ve needed for years.
8. Tennessee: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. Well, they got a lot out of Haynesworth…
9. Dallas: Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri. Smith can play down as a 5 tech or standing up, he replaces Spears as a pass rush 5 tech, maybe he slides inside and attacks from the same spot where Brooking has.
10. New England(projected trade with Washington, New England sends picks 28 and 33 to DC for 10): Akeem Ayers LB UCLA. A guy that they can play just about anywhere.
11. Houston: Prince Amukarama CB Nebraska. Their secondary is a sieve.
12. San Diego(projected trade with Minnesota, Minny gets Vincent Jackson’s franchise rights and pick 18—the teams swap 2nds: Minny gets the Jets’ 2nd, San Diego gets the Vikings’ 2nd): Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. Castillo is still fantastic, but he needs help.
13. Detroit: Martez Wilson LB Illinois. Great combine puts him in the discussion for top 15.
14. St Louis: Leonard Hankerson WR Miami. Running a 4.43 solidifies his draft stock as the 3rd WR.
15. Miami: Kyle Rudolph TE ND. Massive, but didn’t run. I don’t think he had to after showing up at a legit 6-6.
16. Jacksonville: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma. Reggie Nelson was an unmitigated disaster. Their secondary needs speed/talent.
17. Baltimore(projected trade with New England, Pats get Balto’s 1st and 2nd round picks and Balto gets New England’s natural 3rd): Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. Oher moves back to RT.
18. Minnesota(from San Diego): Da’quan Bowers DE Clemson. They have bigger needs, but with Pat Williams leaving they need to reinvent that DLine.
19. Seattle Seahawks(projected trade with New York Giants, Giants get Justin Forsett RB, CB Kelly Jennings and pick 25): Anthony Castonzo OT BC. (in my best Newman voice) Castonzo! Smart deal, they get to dump some spare parts on NYG and get a RT to develop(or move Okung to RT and have Castonzo play on the left.
20. Tampa Bay: Mike Pouncey OL Florida. He wants to play center, he should be a guard.
21. Kansas City: Torrey Smith WR U-MD. A legit 6 feet with 4.43 speed. Bowe can stay a flanker.
22. Indianapolis: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. He was on his way to a good combine, but then disappeared.
23. Dallas(projected trade with Philadelphia, Philly gets Dallas’ 2012 1st, Dallas’ 2011 3rd and WR Roy Williams): Cam Newton WR? QB? TE? Auburn. How’d you like to be Romo after this pick?
24. New Orleans: Cameron Jordan DL California. He can play some pass rush DT and 3rd DE for them in 2011.
25. New York Giants(from Seattle): Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Solder might have run an amazing 40, but there’s a lot of negative buzz about him.
26. New England(from Baltimore): Titus Young WR Boise State. Smart player and a decent 40 makes him a New England target.
27. Atlanta: Rodney Hudson OL Florida State. Didn’t have a great combine, but the Falcons are dumping Oline talent that needs to be replaced.
28. Washington(from New England): Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada. A little birdie tells me that Shanny loves this kid.
29. Chicago: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. Solder’s drop continues. Carimi’s solid combine boosts him.
30. New York Jets: Phil Taylor NT Baylor. They’ve missed Jenkins and just cut Jenkins to dump salary.
31. Pittsburgh: Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Watch the Super bowl again.
32. Green Bay: JJ Watt DL Wisconsin. The odds of them resigning Cullen Jenkins are slim currently


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