Bears sign Lovie Smith to 2-year extension – NFL – Yahoo! Sports.


Translation: Jay Cutler is going nowhere unless someone gives up a Vet QB in  a deal. 3 possible scenarios:

1-McNabb+pick #41 to Chicago for Cutler+#29. McNabb is a Chicago guy, Shanahan is a Cutler guy. Shanahan also needs a vet Qb whose name doesn’t rhyme with Mossman.

2-Cutler to Buffalo for Fitzpatrick+a 3rd(or 2nd if Chicago throws in something). For reasons known only to God and Chan Gailey, they want to replace Fitzpatrick with…someone. Fix that oline and he could thrive there. Fitzpatrick’s guile might work well in the windy city.

3-Cutler to Tennessee for Vince Young+Titans’ 2nd. I’m no fan of Young, but his running ability might actually be a plus in the crappy weather of Chicago(slick fields, etc). Tennessee wants someone new in the worst way.



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