Who really helped their stock:
Christian Ponder QB FSU: Showed a lot of polish and leadership throughout the game. He made some tough throws and stood tall in the face of a pass rush. His arm strength is still questionable, but he answered a lot of the questions about him tonight.
James Carpenter OL Alabama: He came into the Senior bowl as a prospect without a hard position, he played Left Tackle for the South and looked very comfortable there dominating Ryan Kerrigan.
Lee Ziemba OL Auburn: started at RT for the South and looked fluid/quick along with stonewalling Cameron Jordan. He could leapfrog a lot of prospects with that performance.
Leonard Hankerson WR Miami: Big play guy who showed big play ability—but he also showed that he can make the tough catches and run good routes.
Sam Acho DL Texas: One of the few bright spots for Texas this past season, but needed a good performance. He duly delivered showing great natural pass rush ability.
Greg McElroy QB Alabama: Struggled after he hurt his hand, but he showed great poise and a live arm. He needs to follow it up with good combine, but he probably took himself off the undrafted list and into the mid to late rounds.
Ronald Johnson WR Southern Cal: He showed that he can be a high talent project with good physical skills. I was impressed with his ability to fight through coverage also.
Von Miller LB TAMU: I was most impressed by his giving it all on special teams when he has to know that no scout/gm is going to bother to watch that tape looking for him. He’s a top 5 lock right now.
Derrick Locke RB Kentucky: Everyone knew how quick/fast he was before the senior bowl. He showed a great ability to hit the hole and make a good cut during the game.
Colin McCarthy LB Miami: I’ve been high on him for awhile. He was a good player cut down by multiple injuries. He looked fluid at ILB/MLB and natural in coverage.
Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada: Still rough and raw as a prospect, but showed that he has the tools to work with, if a coach can settle him down in the pocket.
Darrell Scott RB Maryland: Very impressing hitting the hole and as a receiver.
Kendric Burney CB UNC: Its hard to get a full read on the CBs in the senior bowl because they can’t press or play anything but cover-1/3 zones, but Burney was impressive breaking on the ball and tackling.
Jake Kirkpatrick OC TCU: Looks equally adept in pass blocking as he did in run blocking. Solidified himself as one of the top OCs in the draft.
Rodney Hudson OG FSU: He had major question marks on him regarding his size. He answered them by showing up over 290 and not showing any loss in quickness or speed during the game.
Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa: Had a so-so 1st half, but put together a very nice drive in the 2nd half where he made at least 5 NFL caliber throws. Great pocket presence.
Christian Ballard DL Iowa: He still probably doesn’t have a true NFL position, but he showed that he isn’t some physical prospect without many tools.

The lukewarm list:
Cameron Jordan DL California: He had a better 2nd half, but was handled fairly easily by Ziemba early.
Ryan Kerrigan DL Purdue: Another player who had an uneven performance. He looked good in the 2nd/3rd quarters, but was stonewalled by Carpenter early. Imo, he plays too high and isn’t fast enough.
Andy Dalton QB TCU: Made some nice throws until he got hurt on a sack that should have been called back since Beal was offside. He looks more comfortable on a bootleg also.
Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma: Bit on the hard counts too much, he needs to settle down and use his tools instead of trying to outthink the QB.

Who hurt their stock:
Greg Jones Lb Michigan State: He took himself out of position far too much. He needs to smoke the combine to be a top 40 pick now.
Jake Locker Qb Washington: Led a touchdown drive in the 2nd half, but he has the fumbles and major accuracy issues(all his completions save a screen were to wide open WRs). He just doesn’t look comfortable at all on the field. He didn’t see any in the senior bowl, but I suspect Locker will fall apart when blitzed.
Clint Boling OL UGA: Started out strong, but slowly decayed throughout the game. By the 2nd half, his footwork looked suspect and he was being pushed around.
Nate Solder OL Colorado: Very inconsistent. He had some nice plays, but Acho was able to get him out of the way for a sack with a simple punch move and he looked lost on anything more than a basic run assignment.
DeMarcus Love OL Arkansas: Mayock is probably right that he’s an OG in the NFL since his footwork is just awful.
Anthony Castonzo OL BC: Started at OG to replace Carimi, looked slow and unsure at OG and LT.
DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma: Looked slow and hesitated into the hole. Cost himself at least a round.
Roy Helu jr. RB Nebraska: Looked better than Murray, but also looked stone footed and unsure.
Steve Schilling OL Michigan: Probably cost himself a draft spot with his performance. He looked ineffective when in.


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