1. Carolina: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. Status quo ante
2. Denver: Pat Peterson CB LSU. Also status quo ante
3. Buffalo: AJ Green WR UGA. They could use defensive help, but can’t pass on Green.
4. Cincinnati: Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC. He can also fit in a 4-3.
5. New England(projected trade with Arizona, Arizona gets picks 17 and 28): Von Miller OLB TAMU. His stock couldn’t be hotter right now. He’s at “has confirmable photos of Charlie Sheen ODing with a porn star that he’s willing to sell” level hot right now.
6. Cleveland: Julio Jones WR Alabama. Status quo ante, but this with a projected trade of their 2nd+Shaun Rogers to DC for the McNabb+Haynesworth+Andre Carter pu pu tray. The Browns are moving to a 4-3 defense and need the linemen. And Pat Shurmer was McNabb’s QB coach for 9 years.
7. San Francisco: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. Harbaugh could spike 2011 to get Luck, but more likely that they take Gabbert now.
8. Tennessee: Marcell Dareus DL Tennessee. With Haynesworth, they let up less than 94 rushing yards per game in 07 and 08. Without him, they’re letting up nearly 20 yards more per game.
9. Dallas: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma. Having a good senior bowl and is moving up the board.
10. Minnesota(projected trade with Washington, Washington gets Minnesota’s 1st and 4th round picks): Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas. Especially if they’re moving outside, they need a gunner at QB. Flipping a 4th to DC is a cheap price to pay to keep Arizona or Jacksonville from moving up here.
11. Houston: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. They need 5 tech DEs to make Philips’ defense works.
12. Washington(from Minnesota): Martez Wilson LB Illinois. A front 7 playmaker who can play just about anywhere. Line him up and let him attack.
13. Detroit: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Status quo ante.
14. St Louis: Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska. The Rams’ defensive back 7 needs a lot of help.
15. Miami: Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Status quo ante.
16. Jacksonville: Daquan Bowers DE Clemson. And they hope he doesn’t become Derrick Harvey 2.0.
17. Arizona(from Oakland via New England): Greg Jones LB Michigan State. They need LB help everywhere.
18. San Diego: Quan Stuirivant LB UNC. Can play multiple positions in a LB corps.
19. New York Giants: Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois. Jacobs is probably on his way out, Bradshaw needs a tag team buddy.
20. Tampa Bay: Aldon Smith DE Missouri. Raw, but extremely talented.
21. Seattle: Mike Pouncey OG Florida: Their Oline a mess, Cable et al will want to rebuild there.
22. Baltimore: Terrance Tolliver WR LSU. Big play WR who can play Flanker also.
23. New Orleans: Ryan Williams RB Va Tech. Pierre Thomas just can’t handle a heavy load, Bush neither. Williams+Bush is a pretty good combo. A reach for Daniel Thomas is also possible here.
24. Indianapolis: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. Fix the Oline Bill.
25. Philadelphia: Marvin Austin DT UNC. A reach, but Washburn likes his projects. Peterson, Bunkley and Laws aren’t the answer.
26. Kansas City: Titus Young WR Boise State. Shooting up the board, he probably represents a better big play option than most of the 2nd tier WR prospects.
27. Atlanta: Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue. Moving up the board, he’s probably a 4-3 weakside DE
28. Arizona(from New England): Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa. Maybe a bit of a reach here, but playing in the NFC west(and 9 games in basically a dome) should conceal his arm issues.
29. Chicago: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. They need Oline help, no matter what happens with Cutler.
30. New York Jets: Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma. Probably not the natural rusher they need, but can can cover and attack.
31. Green Bay: DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas. Undersized, but a good fit for their offense.
32. Pittsburgh: Ben Ijalana OL Villanova. Oline Oline Oline.


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