1.Carolina: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. Status quo ante or they deal the pick.
2.Denver: Pat Peterson CB LSU. Status quo ante.
3.Buffalo: Marcell Dareus DL Alabama. Him or Quinn here.
4.Cincinnati: AJ Green WR UGA. And they hope he never meets TO or Ochiocinco.
5.Arizona: Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC. Porter looks done, that defense is predicted on getting to the QB.
6.Cleveland: Julio Jones WR Alabama. A real threat for the passing game.
7.New England(from San Francisco—projected trade San Fran gets pick 17 and 33) : Adrian Clayborn DE. Can rush the passer from the 5 tech, New England can’t hope to see him there at 17. San Fran shouldn’t be sold on any QB in the top ten.
8.Tennessee: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. They jump all over him.
9.Dallas: Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois. Yes, Dallas is this stupid despite Garrett supposedly getting more “say” in personnel. Felix Jones isn’t the answer. Barber is out his way out of town. Ingram is the better pick if you want a RB, but Jeruh can’t pass on physical freaks.
10.Washington: Greg Jones LB Michigan State. A defensive playmaker to build around. Martez Wilson also makes sense if they want an inside/out player.
11.Houston: Bruce Amukamara CB Nebraska. Philips or not, they need a better secondary.
12.Minnesota: Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas. And they contractually will force him to have a smart phone that doesn’t has a camera.
13.Detroit: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Steal. Steal of the draft.
14.St Louis: Martez Wilson LB Illinois. Shooting up the draft boards, he can play literally anywhere at LB.
15.Miami: Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Status quo ante.
16.Jacksonville: Aldon Smith DE Missouri. Harvey is a disaster, Kampman is made of glass. They need a real rusher to go with their talented DTs.
17.San Francisco(from Oakland via New England) : Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh. A WCO WR for a pure WCO.
18.San Diego: Quan Stuirdivant LB UNC. They need lbs pretty badly with so many FAs
19.New York Giants: Brandon Harris CB Miami. They have no speed in their secondary.
20.Tampa Bay: Mike Pouncey OG Florida. So they don’t have to pay Davin Joseph.
21.Seattle: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. Okung looks like a B level player at best. The rest of the Oline is a mess.
22.Baltimore: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. They need to move Oher back to the right.
23.New Orleans: Daquan Bowers DE Clemson. And even here, he’s a reach despite what Todd McShitforbrains says.
24.Indianapolis: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. Despite all the injuries that the Colts had, if they had a better LT, they would have done much better.
25.Philadelphia: Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Reid breathes heavily when watching him play.
26.Kansas City: Vonn Miller 34 OLB TAMU. Even if they keep Hali, he could use another pass rusher to play with him.
27.Atlanta: Terrance Toliver WR LSU. Roddy White is fantastic. The rest of that WR corps is forgettable
28.New England: Justin Houston 34 OLB UGA. They wanted Miller, but Houston should contribute soon in their system.
29.Chicago: Anthony Constanzo OT Boston College. Tice has one a nice job hiding of the deficiencies of their line, they need talent.
30.New York Jets: DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas. They need a RT or a WR to replace Holmes/Edwards.
31.Green Bay Packers: Darius Morris OT Temple. Bulaga was a good pick, Clifton is getting old.
32.Pittsburgh: Stefen Wisniewski OL. He plays guard for them and helps solidify the line.


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