Top 10s:

Top 10 QBs:
1. Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. Culter-esque gunslinger, but needs to show more in the film room. A couple sources I trust are saying that he’s as good as Luck. Interesting..
2. Ryan Mallett Arkansas. Big arm, big size, but poor mechanics and he seems to lose focus too quickly. Mobility is a major issue also.
3. Ricky Stanzi Iowa. Some team will take him in the second day and have a QB of the future.
4. Andy Dalton TCU. Developmental guy, but has some polish.
5. Christian Ponder FSU Has really helped his draft stock this year, but he needs to go to a warm weather WCO NFL team(Miami?).
6. Colin Kaepernick Nevada. Rough and raw, but there’s a Josh Freeman vibe about him.
7. Cam Newton QB Auburn. He has a decent arm, but he’s a long term project at best. Vince Young’s issues don’t help his prospects at all.
8. Taylor Potts Texas Tech. He’s a tall, smart QB with some good tools to work with.
9. Tyrod Taylor Va Tech. A runner with a decent arm, if you can ever get him to stop running, he could be a development guy.
10. Pat Devlin Delaware. Not a Flacco clone, but has a live arm and a good head.

Top 10 RBs:
1. Mark Ingram Alabama. Could be Emmitt Smith 2.0.
2. Mikel Leshoure Illinois. Huge, good speed/quickness and tough. My nominee for the “Alex Smith memorial fastest riser up the draft board” for 2011.
3. Daniel Thomas Kansas State. A big power back who’s shown that he can be a receiving threat.
4. Ryan Williams Va Tech. Good speed/vision, but couldn’t get his prime back job back after getting hurt.
5. Shane Vereen California. A bit small, but could be a real weapon in the pros.
6. DeMarco Murray Oklahoma. Good size/speed combo with good production. Injury issues drop him.
7. Roy Helu Nebraska. Plays in the spread, and is a bit slow, but he’s elusive.
8. Kendell Hunter Oklahoma State. Small, but durable. Could be best in a ZBS.
9. John Clay Wisconsin. Power back, but Wisconsin didn’t seem to miss him at all.
10. Noel Devine West Virginia. Accomplished, but isn’t fast enough to overcome his lack of size.

Top 10 WRs:
1a. AJ Green UGA. Big, fast, great body control, shows up in big games, sacrifices his body to make catches. He may stay, but that’s doubtful.
1b. Julio Jones Alabama. Probably a prototypical Y in the NFL, but he’ll an amazing prospect also.
3. Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburgh. Huge(6-5) with good speed/quickness.
4. Terrance Toliver LSU. Big flanker who runs great routes and makes big catches.
5. Austin Pettis Boise State. Has NFL Flanker written all over him.
6. Leonard Hankerson Miami. Extremely inconsistent, but could be a boom/bust Split end.
7. Dwayne Harris ECU. Polished Steve Smith(NYG Smith) clone who can return.
8. Torry Smith UMD. A lower rent Hankerson: big risk, big upside, big play specialist.
9. Armon Binns Cincinnati. Big flanker with good hands. Don’t expect him to outrun a crippled goat.
10 DeAndre Brown Southern Miss. Physical tools to make an NFL GM cry(6-6 230, 4.45 40). But lacks effort and fights with his coaches.

Top 10 OTs:
1. Joseph Barksdale LSU. Master Technician, might be more of a RT in the NFL.
2. Derek Sherrod Miss State. Very impressive prospect with some rough edges.
3. Gabe Carimi Wisconsin. Mauler with great quickness for his size.
4. DeMarcus Love Arkansas. Very raw, but amazing potential.
5. Anthony Costanzo BC. Fast, big but struggles with those smaller rusher who can get under his arms.
6. Tyron Smith Southern Cal A lower rent Trent Williams, but someone will fall in love with him.
7.Darius Morris Temple. Prototypical ZBS OT.
8. Matt Reynolds BYU. Raw, but great size/speed.
9. Jason Pinkston Pittsburgh. Injury red flags, but has all the tools.
10. Lee Ziemba Auburn. Big and fast, but very raw.

Top 10 Interior Olinemen:
1. Mike Pouncey OG Florida. Not a center like his twin, but could be a blue chip OG in the NFL.
2. Stefen Wisniewski OC PSU. Prototypical zone block Interior lineman.
3. Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Massive with great athleticism.
4. John Moffitt OG/OC Wisconsin. Can play OC or LG in the NFL.
5. James Carpenter OG Alabama. Could play anywhere on the line.
6. Kristofer O’Dowd OC Southern Cal. Run mauler who needs work on his pass blocking.
7. Benjamin Ijalana OG/OT Villanova. Needs to show better athleticism, but he has the tools.
8. Alex Linnenkohl OC Oregon State. The anti-O’Dowd: great in pass blocking, struggling with run blocking.
9. Clint Boling OG UGA. Can play OT or OG, good size/speed with good tools. Some durability questions.
10. Will Rackley OG Lehigh. Someone will fall in love with his tools/athletic gifts and take him high.

Top 10 offensive players overall:
1. Mark Ingram RB Alabama
2. AJ Green WR UGA
3. Julio Jones WR Alabama
4. Joseph Barksdale OT LSU
5. Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
6. Derek Sherrod OT Miss State
7. Mike Pouncey OG Florida
8. Stefen Wisnisewski OC Penn State
9. Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas
10. Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa

Top 10 4-3 DEs:
1. Robert Quinn UNC. Probably a more natural 3-4 OLB and hasn’t played since 09, but he’s an amazing talent.
2. Marcell Dareus Alabama. More natural inside, but he could be a great strongside 4-3 DE.
3. Aldon Smith Missouri. Big and fast, but raw.
4. Greg Romeus Pittsburgh. Massive injury red flags, but an amazing player when in.
5. Jeremy Beal Oklahoma. A bit small, but a hard worker who has great natural pass rush skills.
6. Allen Bailey Miami. A tweener along the line, but he’s finally put it together.
7. JJ Watt Wisconsin. Maybe not the most talented player, but a hard worker who gets the job done.
8. Adrian Clayborn Iowa. He’s only this low since I believe he’s more a natural 34 5 Tech DE. He’s a major talent though and could theoretically contribute in a 4-3 set.
9. Ryan Kerrigan Purdue. A talent, but also a more natural fit at the 3-4 OLB spot.
10. DaQuan Bowers Clemson. Victimized bad OTs and block schemes, watch the tape of how a so-so OT from South Carolina destroyed him.

Top 10 4-3 DTs:
1a. Marcell Dareus Alabama. An absolute monster wherever he plays. He could be a 5 Tech DE, a 4-3 strongside DE, a NT, a UT, a standard 4-3 DT.
1b. Nick Fairley Auburn. Another monster, Fairley was as close to unblockable as Suh was last season. The only difference being that Fairley gets winded quickly.
3. Drake Nevis LSU. Very undersized, but has a nonstop motor. Guys like this find a way to succeed in the NFL if you use them right.
4. Stephen Paea DT Oregon. Undersized, but could be a monster as a 1 gapper in a 4-3.
5. Marvin Austin UNC. Not a huge fan of him, but he has undeniable talent. He has 4-3 Tampa 2 UT written all over him.
6. Sione Fua Stanford. Another 1 gapper, but has some great tools.
7. Jurrell Casey Southern Cal. Another undersized 1 gapper like Paea, but doesn’t have Paea’s drive or talent.
8. Christan Ballard Iowa. Has every physical tool you would look for, but isn’t the player he should be.
9. Muhammed Wilkerson Temple. A poor man’s Nick Fairley.
10. Mike Blanc Auburn. Benefited from playing next to Fairley, but he can be a force in spurts.

Top 10 3-4 DEs:
1. Marcell Dareus Alabama. Prototypical 3-4 5 tech.
2. Adrian Clayborn Iowa. Luis Castillo clone.
3. Cameron Heyward Ohio State. A boom/bust player, very inconsistent, but he’s almost as good as Dareus when he’s on..
4. JJ Watt Wisconsin. Low talent, but there probably isn’t a harder worker in this draft.
5. Nick Fairley Auburn. At 6-5 300 lbs with good penetration/speed, he could easily slide over to this position.
6. Allen Bailey DL Miami. Think Dareus lite.
7. Lawrence Guy Arizona State. Not as thickly build where he could move around a DL, but he has 5 tech natural ability.
8. Cameron Jordan California. He doesn’t have the upside of Guy, but he’s done well in college as a 5 tech already.
9. Ryan Kerrigan Purdue. He’s been a 4-3 end, but he could bulk up slightly and have a 5 tech’s body.
10. Cedric Thorton Central Arkansas. Has a perfect 3-4 DE body, needs to a have a strong pro day to get drafted.

Top 10 NTs:
1. Marcell Dareus Alabama. Are you noticing a pattern yet?
2. Sione Fua Stanford. His stock has been rising all season.
3. Jerrell Powe Ole Miss. He was a top 20 pick headed into the season, but Ole Miss’ use of him in a 4-3 UT role has hurt him.
4. Phil Taylor Baylor. He makes Terrence Cody look svelte lol.
5. Ian Williams Notre Dame. Polished prospect who’s limited by physical tools.
6. Anthony Gray Southern Miss. The anti-Ian Williams: good physical tools limited by polish.
7. Jarvis Jenkins Clemson. Soft/lazy like most Clemson players, but has great physical tools.
8. Kendrick Ellis Hampton. Major character red flags, but amazing physical ability.
9. Cory Grant TCU. He’s been a 4-3 UT, but has the physical tools to play the Nose.
10. Lawton Scott Ole Miss. Rotational guy behind Powe, but he has the tools/experience in the 3-4 NG spot.

Top 10 3-4 OLB/DEs:
1. Robert Quinn UNC. Proto-typical elephant rusher.
2. Vonn Miller TAMU. Started slowly perhaps due to injury, Miller came on strong late in the season.
3. Martez Wilson Illinois. Big, fast and smart. He should be a top 30 pick.
4.Akeem Ayers UCLA. He can cover, attack, play the run and move around a defense.
5. Justin Houston UGA. UGA pass rushers don’t have the best track record, but Houston looks very instinctive at the rusher role.
6. Ryan Kerrigan Purdue. Productive,ut doesn’t seem to have the physical tools for the position.
7. Cliff Matthews South Carolina. A project since he’s been playing 4-3 DE his whole career, a position change is in order for him. Expect to get a relentless pass rusher but don’t put him in coverage.
8. Kenny Rowe Oregon. If you want Matthews, but want someone shorter lol.
9. Steven Friday Va Tech. Basically a Cliff Matthews clone with less upside.
10. Rodney Gnat Louisville. A real pest of a pass rusher, he’s thrived in Strong’s up tempo defense.

Top 10 4-3 OLBs:
1. Travis Lewis Oklahoma. I can see the Lance Briggs comparisons
2. Martez Wilson Illinois. Can play either OLB spot.
3.Bruce Carter UNC. He’s helped keep the UNC defense together despite all the suspensions.
4. Greg Jones Michigan State. He’s probably a better fit inside, but he could play Will pretty easily.
5. Akeem Ayers UCLA. He could play SAM at a high level in the NFL also.
6. Mark Herzlich BC. A proto-typical Sam also.
7. Mason Foster Washington. Will LB, he as some good tools to work with.
8. Colin McCarthy Miami. His college career has been hurt by injuries, but he looks like an NFL caliber Will potentially.
9. Lawrence Wilson U-Conn. Playmaker, but might be too small for the pros.
10. KJ Wright Miss State. Very raw(cookie dough level raw) OLB, but has all the tools.

Top 10 I/MLBs:
1. Greg Jones Michigan State. Ballhawk, sure tackler, great range. Should be a top 5-10 pick.
2. Quan Stuirdivant UNC. He can play just about anywhere on the LB corps. Smart, fast, instinctive player.
3. Martez Wilson Illinois. Noticing another pattern?
4. Chris Marve Vandy. A stealth prospect , he can’t move around a LB corps, but he’s fast with great instincts.
5. Mario Harvey Marshall. Strictly an ILB prospect due to his size, he can be a tackling machine if he has a big NT to guard him.
6. Kelvin Sheppard LSU. Good size and speed, he also has some good pass rush ability. Some questions about his instincts.
7. Josh Bynes Auburn. Its probably a fair question of how much he benefited from having Fairley and Blanc in front of him, but he did look impressive this year.
8. Alex Wujciak UMD. A project, but he has the physical tools.
9. Brian Duncan Texas Tech. An interesting prospect since he can some amazing pass rush skills, but limited upside.
10. Casey Matthews Oregon. Undersized, but active.

Top 10 CBs:
1. Pat Peterson LSU. Big, fast, polished, can contribute as a returner. The term “blue chip” was invented for him.
2. Prince Amukamara Nebraska. Almost as good as Peterson, but not as a ST contributor.
3. Aaron Williams Texas. Big, with good speed, but like all U-T players, he doesn’t play up to his physical tools.
4. Brandon Harris Miami. Straight out of central casting 5-9/5-11 Miami ballhawk CB.
5. Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech. Loses focus too much, but can victimize lazy QBs.
6. Ras-I Dowling UVA. Big enough to be a FS, he has to run a decent 40 or he’ll be playing there.
7. Curtis Brown Texas. Big and fast for a CB, can deliver a big hit, but bad technique.
8. Mario Butler Georgia Tech. Another big/fast Cb who needs work on his skills.
9. Chykie Brown Texas. Yet another big/fast CB who needs work on his skills.
10. Brandon Burton Utah. Big and fluid, but slow and raw.

Top 10 Free Safeties:
1. Deunta Williams UNC. Unfortunately, it appears that he’ll be out for awhile with a major leg injury suffered against Tennessee. He’s a major talent and someone will get him as a steal in the 3rd or 4th round now.
1a. Quinton Carter Oklahoma. Good size, speed, productive an instinctive. He could jump into the top 15-20 with a good combine.
3. Will Hill Florida. He’s one of those players who might give up a big play, but he’ll always be around the ball.
4. Ras-I Dowling UVA. I don’t think that he’s going to run a good 40 to avoid being moved to FS.
5. Chris Rucker Michigan State. He’s going to have to move to safety from CB, but he could be effective in this role.
6. DeAndre McDaniel Clemson. Has the physical tools to be a FS, but plays like a strong safety.
7. Rahim Moore UCLA . He’ll get drafted about 20 picks too high since he has great physical tools, but his play isn’t that good.
8. Nate Williams Washington. Good leader and presence in the backfield, not the greatest physical tools.
9. Chris Culliver South Carolina. He kept switching from CB to FS, he has the physical tools to play either, but doesn’t have the cover skills for CB in the NFL.
10. Brian Lainhart Kent State. He’ll have to show that he can break down complicated offenses, but he has the skills/tools you look for.

Top 10 Strong Safeties:
1. DeAndre McDaniel Clemson. He could be a good SS, especially if he can play in the box a lot.
2. Jaiquawn Jarrett Temple. A hitter who’s moving positions.
3. Ahmad Black Florida. Undersized, but he’s a sleeper: he just makes plays.
4. Rahim Moore UCLA. See previous comment.
5. Jermale Hines Ohio State. Low upside, but a hard worker.
6. Jeron Johnson Boise State. Maybe not the physical tools you would look for, but he’s a big hitter who plays smart.
7. Tejay Johnson TCU. He kept moving positions, but he could be a very effective backup/3rd safety in the pros.
8. Davonte Shannon Buffalo. Think Jaiquawn Jarrett lite.
9. Shiloh Keo Idaho. He makes plays, he’s small, but he makes plays.
10. Dom Decicco Pittsburgh. He might be a Lb in the NFL, but someone might try him at SS just to see if he can handle it.

Top 10 Defensive players overall:
1. Marcell Dareus DL Alabama
2. Robert Quinn LB/DE UNC
3. Patrick Peterson CB LSU
4. Nick Fairley DT Auburn
5. Greg Jones LB Michigan State
6. Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma
7. Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
8. Adrian Clayborn DL Iowa
9. Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma
10. Martez Wilson LB Illinois

Top 10 overall prospects:
1. Marcell Dareus DL Alabama . The defensive Luck. He can play literally anywhere on the Dline and play well.
2. Robert Quinn LB/DE UNC. The crap shoot: you could be getting DeMarcus Ware with better physical tools. You could also be getting Shawne Merriman with medical issues.
3. Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Didn’t have as good as season as he did in 2009, but has every single tool you want in NFL RB. Big, fast, smart, great balance, low center of gravity, etc etc etc.
4. Patrick Peterson CB LSU. A truly amazing prospect who will be a steal even at #1.
5. AJ Green WR UGA. Not quite Randy Moss, more like Larry Fitzgerald.
6. Julio Jones WR Alabama. The Flanker version of AJ Green, but he’s a deep threat also.
7. Nick Fairley DT Auburn. Is probably more talented than Dareus, but his problems staying on the field knock him down the board a bit.
8. Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Probably a RT in the NFL, but he’s a ready-to-start NFL prospect. He could make a pro bowl soon.
9. Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. Big arm, big size, good vision. Needs to show that he can break down defenses since he played in a gimmicky offense.
10. Greg Jones LB Michigan State. He can play Will, Mike or ILB. Great instincts and physical tools.

Top 10 riskiest prospects:
1. Cam Newton Qb Auburn. IMO, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. He’s not going to be able to run in the pros and he only has started for 1 year.
2. Marvin Austin DT UNC. Undeniable talent, but questionable mental tools.
3. Daquan Bowers DE Clemson. Feasted on bad Olines and racked a big sack total for once in his college career, but SC and South Florida had no problem handling him with subpar talent.
4. Nick Fairley DT Auburn. I think he’ll be a quality NFL player, but he literally came out of nowhere to be a dominating force.
5. Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas. Amazing arm, but a statue.
6. Jerrell Powe DT/NT Ole Miss. Up and down season out of position, how much this has hurt him is the question.
7. Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois. Jaw dropping tools, but another “out of nowhere player”
8. Robert Quinn DL/LB UNC. Great physical tools, but medical red flags and hasn’t played in a year.
9. Leonard Hankerson WR Miami. Classic boom/bust pick.
10. Aldon Smith DE Missouri. Very raw, but has very good tools.

Top 10 safest prospects
1. Marcell Dareus DL Alabama. Why he’s not the #1 pick is beyond my understanding.
2. Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Extremely talented RB who has all the tools to be successful in the NFL.
3. Mike Pouncey OG Florida. Not a Center, but could be a great OG.
4. Julio Jones WR Alabama. Has all the tools to be a great NFL flanker.
5. AJ Green WR UGA. Big, fast, tough, makes the hard catches and is willing to sacrifice his body.
6. Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska. Not as talented at Peterson, but possibly a safer pick. Amukamara knows his job.
7. Greg Jones LB Michigan State. Does everything well and has the physical tools for the NFL.
8. JJ Watt DL Wisconsin. Doesn’t have the raw talent, but arguably the hardest worker in the draft.
9. Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. Not as polished as Barksdale, but he’s a more likely bet to be a long term pro bowler.
10. Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa. He might not have the arm to be an NFL star, but he has the head to be a quality starter.

Top 10 sleepers
1. Terrance Toliver WR LSU. Made big catches in big situations with despite a constantly changing QB situation and showed big play ability in the Cotton Bowl. Steal anytime after #15.
2. Taylor Potts QB Texas Tech. Ignore the numbers: he’s a 6-5 QB with a live arm and what appears to be a good head. Could be a steal.
3. James Carpenter OG Alabama. Not a top talent, but can play just about anywhere and was the lead blocker on one of the better run offenses in modern college history.
4. Colin McCarthy OLB Miami. Injuries derailed his college career for the most part, but he rebounded with a solid senior year and he’s flying under the draft radars.
5. Casey Matthews ILB Oregon . Good instincts and good pedigree. He played a leadership role in a complicated college defense. Someone will get a steal here.
6. Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech. Like what appears to be all Va Tech CBs, he gambles, but offenses generally avoided him this year.
7. Roy Helu RB Nebraska. He’s getting overlooked in a solid RB class, but big/fast with great production.
8. Chris Rucker FS/CB Michigan State. He’s a FS in the NFL but could be very effective in that role since he’ll be faster than most TEs while big enough to cover them.
9. Mark Herzlich OLB BC. Yes, he had a poor season due thanks to various injuries, but he has undeniable talent and heart.
10. Muhammed Wilkerson DT Temple. Big and fast, he’s being overlooked since he went to Temple, but he could be a quality player in the right system.