1. Carolina: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. I bet that they go after a vet like McNabb or Shaun Hill and hope that they have a chance at Luck in a year.
2. Denver: Patrick Peterson CB LSU. Their secondary is old and slow.
3. Buffalo: Robert Quinn DE/34 OLB UNC. They need an edge rusher in the worst way.
4. Cincinnati: Marcel Dareus DL Alabama. Talentwise, it makes sense. But they need help elsewhere.
5. Arizona: Greg Jones LB Michigan State. They really missed Dansby in that defense
6. Cleveland: AJ Green WR UGA. They get the pick in as the commish finishes “Jones.”
7. San Francisco: Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri. The Smith bros aren’t the answer.
8. Tennessee: Bruce Amukamara CB Nebraska. Finnegan is getting o.l.d. OG or QB could be options here.
9. Dallas: Quinton Carter FS Oklahoma. They need secondary help more than anything.
10. Washington: Julio Jones WR Alabama. A big target for whomever is the QB in DC.
11. Houston: Adrian Clayborn DL Iowa. So how’s this 3-4 Eagle going to work in Houston? XX-XX-Okoye Dline? Williams-Ryans-Cushing-Barwin? LB corps? I give it a year before Phillips or Mario Williams leaves town.
12. Minnesota: Mike Pouncey OG Florida. Hutchinson is getting old.
13. Detroit: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. They probably will press him over to the Left side.
14. St Louis: Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma. A CB or WR is a possibility also.
15. Miami: Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Steal of the draft.
16. Jacksonville: Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas. Does this make any sense? Nope!
17. New England(From Oakland): Stefan Wisniewski OG/OC PSU Mankins’ replacement.
18. San Diego: Quan Stuirdivant LB UNC. They need LB help badly.
19. New York Giants: Brandon Harris CB Miami. They need an outside CB in the worst way.
20. Tampa Bay: Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma. You’d think that this would be the landing place for Bowers, but you forget that they dumped Gaines Adams after 2 seasons. Memories linger.
21. Seattle: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. Their Oline is a mess.
22. New York Jets: Anthony Costanzo OT BC. They’ll be undermined by their oline until they fix the right side.
23. Green Bay: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. Bulaga has been decent, Clifton is getting o.l.d.
24. Baltimore: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. And the OT run continues.
25. New Orleans: DaQuan Bowers DE Clemson. Brown/Smith are getting old. Bowers can develop.
26. Indianapolis: Mark Barron SS Alabama. Unusual pick, but they need to replace Bob Sanders.
27. Philadelphia: Darius Morris OT Temple. Winston Justice is a major bust.
28. Kansas City: Terrance Toliver WR LSU. His draft stock is soaring after the Cotton Bowl.
29. Chicago: DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas. A bit of a reach, but they need the help.
30. Pittsburgh: Cameron Heyward 34 DE Ohio State. They could use an infusion of talent at DL.
31. Atlanta: Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh. Douglas and Jenkins aren’t the answer.
32. New England: Martez Wilson LB Illinois. Can play inside or out, Vonn Miller is an option here also.


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