With some projected deals:

1. Carolina: Andrew Luck QB Stanford. Luck probably wants to stay another year, but Harbaugh leaving would all but guarantee that he would bolt. Mel Kiper’s speculations about Fairley here makes me wonder if Fairley is going to sign with Gary Wichard.
2. Denver: Pat Peterson CB LSU. Defensive help is needed high no matter who the coach is.
3. Buffalo: Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC. Despite running an up tempo 3-4, their pass rush sucks. Aaron Maybin is a candidate for Worst. First rounder. Ever.
4. Cincinnati: AJ Green WR UGA. Doesn’t make much sense, but this is the Bengals we’re talking about.
5. Arizona: Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas. Whisenhunt may like the rookies he had in 2010, but they aren’t the answer and he knows it.
6. Cleveland: Julio Jones WR Alabama. They need offensive help no matter who the coach is.
7. San Francisco: Prince Amukamara Cb Nebraska. Expect them to be bidding on any Vet Qb available also.
8. Tennessee: Mike Pouncey OG Florida. This is assuming that Fisher wins his power struggle with Vince Young(who looks sure to be dumped in that case) and that Fisher decides to replace him by dealing his 2nd for McNabb and Albert Haynesworth. If Fisher is dumped, expect that deal to migrate to San Fran(who’ll hire Fisher in a heartbeat).
9. Dallas: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. DB is also a big possibility here, but I think that they’ll sign the Corpse of Champ Bailey.
10. Washington: Marcel Dareus DL Alabama. No matter who’s coaching the defense, they need front 7 help. Carriker+Bryant+Dareus is a really strong 3-4 Dline.
11. Houston: Greg Jones LB Michigan State. If the rumors are true, and they’re switching to the Wade 3-4, they need Lbs.
12. Minnesota: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. They need Oline help badly.
13. Detroit: Nick Fairley DT Auburn. They just can’t pass on him.
14. San Diego(projected trade with St Louis, STL gets the franchise rights to Vincent Jackson and pick 18): Donta Hightower LB Alabama. 3 of their LBs are free agents, Hightower salves that wound pretty well.
15. Miami: Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Depends on their next coach(if Sparano is fired), but Ingram makes a lot of sense.
16. Jacksonville: Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh. Clayborn is a possibility, but they want a more natural 4-3 DE.
17. Chicago(projected trade with New England via Oakland, Pats get pick 29 and a future 2nd): Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. Chicago did fine when they finally adjusted their offense, but its not a long term solution.
18. St Louis(from San Diego): Janoris Jenkins CB Florida. They need DB help in the worst way.
19. New York Giants: Brandon Harris CB Miami. When Rex Grossman torches you deep, your secondary lacks speed.
20. Tampa Bay: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. More a run stopper, but the Tampa defense needs the DE help.
21. Seattle: Drake Nevis DT LSU. Carrol loves him some high motor UTs.
22. New York Jets: Tyron Smith OT Southern Cal. He needs to have a good combine, but the Jets need RT help.
23. Green Bay: Cameron Heyward DL Ohio State. Cullen Jenkins is a FA and probably will walk.
24. Baltimore: Anthony Costanzo OT BC. Gaither is sure to be dealt(Buffalo?), Costanzo is probably a bit too stiff for LT, about right for RT.
25. New Orleans: Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma. They really missed Fujita.
26. Indianapolis: DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas. They did suffer with injury issues, but they also struggled without a good Line.
27. Philadelphia: Marcus Cannon OG TCU. Reid needs Oline help, Cannon fits his “Shawn Andrews minus teh crazy” mold.
28. Kansas City: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame. Gets the nod over Jonathan Balwin due to his deep play ability.
29. New England(from Chicago): Von Miller 34 OLB TAMU. Good instinctive player which New England likes.
30. Pittsburgh: Darius Morris OT Temple. Maybe a bit of a reach, but they need the help badly.
31. Atlanta: Stephen Paea DT Oregon High motor players find a home with Mike Smith.
32. New England: Stefen Wisniewki OC/OG PSU. Mankins’ replacement.


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