Despite all logic or common sense, Mike Shanahan effective destroyed his relationship with Donovan McNabb today by benching him for Rex Grossman. On the face of this seems like a minor move, but its the first tectonic shift in the upcoming draft. I would expect the following:

1-The Redskins have been McNabb on the market(it would be a knock down price, but the QB FA market is thin at best). The five most likely trades would be(assuming no cap):
-McNabb to Carolina for picks or even a swap of McNabb+Redskins’ 1st for the #1 pick. This makes sense for Carolina since they don’t have a 2nd and they could still get a top 10 player and have a starting QB.
-McNabb+a RB(Portis?) to Miami for Miami’s 1st. Miami is going to let Brown/Williams walk and they clearly don’t trust Henne. Giving up a mid 1st seems like a good deal for them.
-McNabb to Detroit for Matt Stafford straight up. Unlikely, but you never know. Stafford has talent, but can’t seem to survive in Detroit.
-McNabb to Arizona for their 2nd+something else. McNabb lives out in Arizona and the Cards are down to starting undrafted rookies.
-McNabb to Minnesota for their 2nd+something else. Because Favre’s wang will be in Mississippi this time next season.

2-This gets the dominoes falling. The Redskins now become a player for a QB with their high 1st round pick with Ryan Mallet probably on the top of the list based on Shanahan’s preferences for Gunslingers, whomever they deal McNabb to is out of the running(except for a team like Detroit) for one of those QBs also.

3-Assuming that the Redskins deal McNabb to a team outside the top 10, this will create a vacuum sucking up the QB talent into the high first round and pushing down the high level defensive talent in the draft. Dareus and Peterson(along with AJ Green) will still go high, but guys like Julio Jones, Nick Fairley, Amukamura, Hightower and Rob Quinn will see their draft status suffer due to this.

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