Best picks(in order)
1. Ray Rice #55 overall Baltimore.
Comment: One of the best RBs in football, 3 of the 5 picks taken directly ahead of him are either out of the league or barely hanging on.

2. Jermichael Finley #91 overall TE Green Bay
Comment: One of the best TEs in football.

3. Carl Nicks #164 overall OG New Orleans
Comment: Dropped due to character concerns, he’s one of the best OGs in the NFC.

4. Ryan Clady #12 overall OT Denver
Comment: Dropped due to small school and durability concerns, is now one of the top OTs in the NFL.

5. Chris Johnson #24 overall RB Tennessee
Comment: The 5th RB taken in the draft. The 5th.

6. DeSean Jackson #49 overall WR Philly
Comment: The 6th WR taken in the 2nd round…

7. Justin Forsett #233 overall RB Seattle
Comment: Cut by the Seahawks and the Colts, Forsett rejoined the Hawks and took over for Julius Jones. 900+ rushing yards and 5 tds from any 7th round RB is impressive.

8. Philip Wheeler #93 overall LB Indy
Comment: One of the interchangeable front 7 defenders for the Colts, Wheeler plays with so much intensity that he makes a consistent impact.

9. Pierre Garcon #205 overall WR Indy
Comment: The Colts cycle through WRs like underwear, but Garcon has established himself as a quality player.

10. Jonathan Stewart #13 overall RB Carolina
Comment: Top 5 talent but dropped due to a late foot injury, Stewart is pushing DeAngelo Williams(a talented RB) out of Carolina.

11. Brandon Flowers #35 overall CB KC
Comment: Late bloomer, but is becomes a shut down CB.

12. Geno Hayes #175 overall LB Tampa
Comment: Played his way on the field, now its hard to get him off of it.

13. Jason Jones #54 overall DL Tennessee
Comment: They sure don’t miss Haynesworth thanks to him.

14. Duane Brown #26 overall OT Houston
Comment: Widely derided(including by yours truly) at the time, Brown has turned out to be one of the better OTs in a thick 1st round of them.

15. Jamaal Charles #73 overall RB KC
Comment: Almost an after thought after the flurry of Rbs in the 1st and 2nd round, Charles has turned out to be a very consistent threat.

Worst picks(in order):
1. Dexter Jackson #58 overall Tampa
Comment: Low 2nd round pick taken before some functional starters. His career stats: 0. And out of the league.

2. James Hardy #41 overall WR Buffalo
Comment: Already out of the league, 10 career catches…was taken right before Eddie Royal.

3. Vernon Gholston #6 overall LB Jets
Comment: He singlehandedly is killing the draft position of any physical freak projects since he’s busted out. The Jets, in an attempt to get any production from him, have moved him to DT.

4. Brian Brohm #56 overall QB Green Bay
Comment: Cut after a season in Green Bay, can’t even get on the field for Buffalo…was taken right before Chad Henne.

5. Derrick Harvey #8 overall(and traded up into this spot) Jacksonville
Comment: Bad enough that they completely missed with this pick, they also gave the Ravens(who took Flacco with the Jags’ pick) 2 3rd round picks and a 4th.

6. Quentin Groves #52 overall DE Jacksonville
Comment: Already traded to Oakland for a 5th round pick and only 2.5 sacks in his career.

7. Kentwan Balmer #29 overall San Fran
Comment: They thought they were getting a building block for their 3-4 defense, instead they fought publicly with him and dealt him to a division rival for a future 6th.

8. Trevor Laws #47 overall DT Philly
Comment: Can’t get on the field much for the Eagles, and looks lost when he does. Not what you want to see from a top 50 pick.

9. Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly #s 34 and 51 overall Washington(after trading down)
Comment. The Skins traded down from #21 for extra 2nds. They passed on a ton of good players from #21 to #60 for two players who’ve combined for 68 catches, 810 yards and 3 TDs…and Thomas has been cut already.

10. Leodis McKelvin #11 overall CB Buffalo
Comment: Not bad, but not that good. Passing on Flacco, Clady and Otah for him is criminal.

11. Philip Merling #32 overall DL Miami
Comment: Marginal starter at best(and when healthy). They passed on a ton of offensive players that they could have used to take a rotational DLman.

12. Chris Long #2 overall STL Rams
Comment: He probably should have gone to a 3-4 defense, and he’s starting to put it together for the Rams, but you can’t tell me that the Rams wouldn’t much rather have Matt Ryan, Ryan Clady or Flacco from this pick.

13. Limas Sweed #53 overall WR Pittsburgh
Comment: 7 career catches in 20 games, can’t stay healthy at all.

14. Jordy Nelson #36 overall WR Green Bay
Comment: He’s found a niche as a kick returner/slot WR, but that’s not good value for a top 40 pick.

15. Felix Jones #22 overall RB Dallas
Comment: He’s been okay for the Cowboys, but they passed on Mendenhall and Chris Johnson(who went right after him) for a part time player.


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