It really comes down to one question: will Jerry Jones yield control of the personnel to a real GM, a Coach/GM or a GM acting as front for a head coach making all the decisions. No matter what, I seriously doubt that Jones will yield that control unless the fans are burning him in effigy…in the stadium. I would rate these 6 guys as the mostly hires for the Cowboys:

1-Norv Turner. If the Bolts miss the playoffs, it will be hard for him to keep his job. Norv is a Jones lackey, offensive mind and will follow orders.
2-Urban Meyer. Jeruh loves him his big splashes. If Meyer is going to bolt, this will be the year. They’re losing a ton of talent, but have a big class coming in. He can wait until after signing day, then leave the cupboard full.
3-John Fox. He’s leaving Carolina, there’s no doubt about that. Fox would be a decent choice and wouldn’t rock the boat.
4-Dom Capers. Runs the 3-4 defense, you could combine him with an offensive mind and hope for the best.
5-Jason Garrett. No matter what he does as the interim coach, he’ll be in the discussion.
6-Perry Fewell. He’s done a great job reorganizing the Giants’ defense and did an admirable job in Buffalo as the interim guy. It would require a defensive change, but they can talk themselves into that.


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