1. Carolina Panthers: Andrew Luck QB Stanford. Jimmy the Pickle isn’t a long term answer.

2. Buffalo Bills: AJ Green WR UGA. Assuming they make a move for a QB in free agency/trade.

3. Detroit Lions: Patrick Patterson CB LSU. They need defensive playmakers in the worst way.

4. New England Patriots(from Oakland): Mark Ingram RB Alabama. Belichick stops futzing around with crap at the Rb position.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska. Mathis is getting old and the rest of the secondary is awful.

6. St Louis Rams: Julio Jones WR Alabama. A weapon for Bradford.

7. Arizona Cardinals: Deunta Williams FS UNC. They really miss Rolle.

8. New York Giants: Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma. If they’re picking here, Reese/Coughlin are fried chicken.

9. Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC. Don’t be shocked if Philly is picking here.

10. San Francisco 49ers: Aaron Williams CB Texas. Clements is bad, Spencer is worse. I bet they really regret not flipping the Anthony Davis pick for McNabb.

11. Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Mallett Qb Arkansas. Big mistake for him to come out now.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Marcell Dareus DL Alabama. Tampa doesn’t mind head cases. McCoy and Dareus make for a tough DL to run

13. Minnesota Vikings: Derek Sherrod OT Miss State. Big road grader who replaces McKinnie or moves inside.

14. Denver Broncos: Cameron Heyward DL Ohio State. The 3-4 ain’t going to work without a good DE.

15. Miami Dolphins: Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois. Watch him, and tell me he doesn’t belong in the top half of the 1st round. I dare you.

16. Houston Texans: Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh. Mario Williams is one of the best DLmen in the NFL. They have almost nothing on the other side of him.

17. Baltimore Ravens: Joseph Barksdale OT LSU. Gaither is on his way out of Balto.

18. Dallas Cowboys: Will Hill FS Florida. Ball isn’t bad, but isn’t good.

19. Philadelphia Eagles: Anthony Costanzo OT BC. Winston Justice is horrible, along with the rest of the Eagles’ Oline. If they flip Kolb to Cleveland, don’t be shocked with a reach for a QB here like Ricky Stanzi.

20. San Diego Chargers: Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh. V-Jax is going to be gone they need a big target for Rivers.

21. Indianapolis Colts: DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas. Big, raw, fast..Polian can’t help himself.

22. New England Patriots: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa. They haven’t been the same since they dumped Seymour.

23. Chicago Bears: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin. Chris Williams can’t stay healthy.

24. Washington Redskins: Don’ta Hightower LB Alabama. He can play inside, outside and just makes plays. If they’re picking higher, they’ll go after the top WR or CB.

25. Seattle Seahawks: DeAndre McDaniel S Clemson Community College. Lawyer Milloy is their starting Strong Safety. Not joking.

26. New York Jets: Kendrick Ellis NT Hampton. Him or Powe here with Kris Jenkins’ health issues.

27. Green Bay Packers: Greg Jones ILB Michigan State. Hawk is on his way out of Titletown.

28. Kansas City Chiefs: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame. Chambers is so-so for them, Bowe is a flanker, Floyd is a deep threat when healthy.

29. New Orleans Saints: Bruce Carter OLB UNC. The Tarheel mass exodus continues.

30. Tennessee Titans: Mark Herzlich OLB BC. A bit high, but Fisher likes leaders/high character guys.

31. Atlanta Falcons: Ryan Broyles WR/R Oklahoma. Ryan Broyles, meet Dexter McCluster.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss. Hampton’s getting up there in years.


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