Two comments to forestall much commentary/questioning:

1-I don’t believe that Terrelle Pryor is coming out for the draft(yet).

2-Jake Locker is not an top 50 prospect(yet). The reason he didn’t come out in 2010 was that the NFL draft board gave him a 3rd round rating. He needs to show massive improvement to be a top 50 prospect in my humble opinion.

The Elite prospects:

Mark Ingram RB Alabama: Big, fast, low center of gravity. His only question mark is staying healthy, but he has Emmitt Smith written all over him.

AJ Green WR Georgia: Immature, but no one can deny his gifts. Think Dez Bryant with more ability and less problems.

Cameron Heyward DL Ohio State: Iron Head’s son has come to break some more bodies in his father’s tradition. Any 3-4 team would love to have him.

Robert Quinn DL/LB UNC: Major health red flags(I believe he had a stroke in high school) but is a prototypical pass rusher on the edge.

Julio Jones WR Alabama: Big, fast and polished. I see a lot of Keyshawn Johnson(on the field at least) in him.

Patrick Peterson CB LSU: Big, fast and talented. Might be a top 3 pick come 2011.

The next 10:

Andrew Luck QB Stanford: He needs to sit for a season and learn more intangibles, but he’s a great pure passer.

Joseph Barksdale OT LSU: The next Trent Williams, fast/quick and nasty.

Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh: Doesn’t have elite speed, but should be a great flanker prospect.

Marcel Dareus DL Alabama: Big and nasty, Dareus can fit in just about any defense and is primed for a Glenn Dorsey circa 2007-esque season.

Marvin Austin DT North Carolina: Massive potential and great physical tools, but needs to get back on the field for UNC.

Ryan Mallett Qb Arkansas: Raw, but an NFL caliber arm and pro level instincts. He needs to go to a team with a great Qb coach.

Von Miller DE Texas A&M: A tweener who should end up at a 3-4 OLB, he’s a natural pass rusher.

Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin: Huge OT who moves very well for someone his size. Probably a RT in the NFL, he could be a good starter for years.

Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma: Great physical tools & production. He needs to show pass rushing ability to jump up the charts come 2011.

Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh: Talented, polished and a leader. He can fit in either defense(probably better in the 4-3).

2nd tier:

Mark Herzlich LB Boston College: Tough, determined, a leader and a quality Will at the next level.

DeMarco Murray HB Oklahoma: There is no doubt that he has all the tools to be a star in the NFL, its just a question of if he’ll work hard enough.

Stefen Wisniewski C Penn State: He has some injury issues, but he’s a nasty interior OLman in the mold of his father.

Mike Pouncey OG Florida: Moving around the Florida OL to triage for gaps in talent, this Pouncey might be better than his twin in the NFL.

Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech: Shades of Clinton Portis with Williams, good speed/quickness and a toughness you don’t see with RBs his size.

Mike Brewster C Ohio State: Huge, nasty OC who’s beginning his 3rd year as a starter.

Bruce Carter LB North Carolina: A lesser talent Travis Lewis, he needs to show pass rush ability in his last year in Chapel Hill.

Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska: Lost in all the Suh hype was Amukamara taking a massive step forward as a prospect. He’s got the same basis tools as Patrick Peterson, but needs to work on his technique more.

Terrance Toliver WR LSU: Big framed WR with decent speed, he took a big step forward in 2009 and looks to be the main target for LSU.

Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame: Major health red flags, but when on the field he’s an amazing player.

Quan Sturdivant LB North Carolina: A tackling machine who just is everywhere, much like a lesser talent Rolando McClain.

Cliff Matthews DE South Carolina: Prototypical 4-3 DE with great combo of size/speed. If he puts up a big season without Eric Norwood in Columbia, expect him to jump into the top 30 picks.

Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma: Not ideal size/speed, but makes plays and has natural pass rush skills.

3rd tier:

Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College: Another candidate for the 2011 Trent Williams, great speed/quickness but needs to bulk up more.

Brandon Saine RB Ohio State: A Beanie Wells clone basically, he did well replacing him last year. He’ll be asked to break 1000 yards in 2010.

Mark Barron S Alabama: Smart, talented and shows great range for a strong safety.

Greg Jones LB Michigan State: Small, but fast and makes plays. 9 sacks at MLB last year says it all.

Donta Hightower LB Alabama: Taking over for a legend is never easy, especially when coming off a major knee injury, but he has all the tools to be the next Rolando McClain.

Nate Potter OT Boise State: Undersized, but will get the chance if he can do well in the combine.

Evan Royster HB Penn State: A quietly effective RB who’s done nothing but put up huge seasons for the Nittany Lions. He has an NFL body/skills but needs to show more in pass blocking.

Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss: A real force at NG, Powe will get gobbled up by a 3-4 team looking to solidify their defense.

High talent projects:

DeVier Posey WR Ohio State: Good production despite run first offenses, his physical tools might get him into the mid 1st round.

DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas: Another in the Trent Williams school for fast OTs. Love needs a lot of work on his technique, but he’s very quick.

Christian Ponder QB Florida State: I like the Tony Pike comparison for him, he doesn’t have a great arm but will make plays on his smarts.

Jerrod Johnson QB Texas A&M: VERY raw(almost recalled egg raw), but has NFL tools. He needs to go to a situation where he’ll sit for 2 seasons.

Weslye Saunders TE South Carolina: Worst case, you get a TE as big as most OTs and can block, best case you have a combo TE who’s too big even for Lbs to cover and can run rings around them.

Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia: Will he become Chris Cook(hyped and should start for the Vikings this year) or Donovan Warren(hyped and didn’t even make the final cuts)?

Michael Morgan LB Southern Cal: He has all the tools and is from a program known for pumping out good OLBs. He had a decent year in 09, will the change to Kiffin hurt his development?

DaQuan Bowers DE Clemson: Jaw dropping athletic tools(280 lbs and runs a sub 4.6), but just can’t produce on the field(so far).

DeAndre McDaniel S Clemson: He has all the physical tools, and he done well(at times) on the field. He needs to work on his coverage skills though.

Rodney Hudson OG Florida State: Health issues, but is a proto-typical zone block OG.

Jacquizz Rodgers HB  Oregon State: Tiny but tough, he has a future in the NFL as a slot back/returner/slashing RB type.

Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa: He’s probably a 3-4 DE in the NFL, but has the physical tools/production. He needs to work on his uppercut against Cab drivers though.

Jurrell Casey, DT, Southern Cal: An under DT only, he’ll talk someone into drafting him him just on his sheer talent.


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