1. St Louis Rams-Sam Bradford Qb Oklahoma: Solid pick, he’s the arguably best player in the draft for what they need and if they can protect him, they have a franchise-level QB. Grade: A

2. Detroit Lions-Nkamukong Suh DT Nebraska: Really good pick for what the Lions want to run and fix their defensive issues. With KVB, Suh and Corey Williams, the Lions probably have fixed one level of their defense. Grade: A+

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma: Solid pick on talent, but they probably will mis-use him by moving him up and down the Dline. I wonder if they regret this pick in 3 years. Grade: B+

4. Washington Redskins-Trent Williams OT Oklahoma: Very good pick, Shanahan sees shades of Ryan Clady in him and he fills their biggest need. They tried shopping this pick to the Saints for Jammal Brown and something, but this is why its hard to deal out of the top 5, no one wants to pay that pick. Grade: A

5. Kansas City Chiefs-Eric Berry S Tennessee: On talent, a good pick, but I think that they’ll regret not taking an OT here. If the rumors were true and they were considering taking Clausen here, Pioli is a moron. Grade: B+

6. Seattle Seahawks-Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State: I think that they really wanted Williams or Berry here, but they’re happy to take Okung. Alex Gibbs can fix just about any OLman, and he has to mold Okung into a more effective run blocker fairly quickly. Grade: B+

7. Cleveland Browns-Joe Haden CB Florida: The first “what the fuck” pick. They already have plenty at CB for their system, and had some other glaring needs(RB, DL, FS) that should have been addressed. Grade: C+

8. Oakland Raiders-Rolando McClain LB Alabama: So…they have Thomas Howard, Kirk Morrison and traded for Quentin Groves/Kambrion Wimbley….where is McClain going to play? Grade: “The meth problem is getting worse in Oakland apparently.”

9. Buffalo Bills-Cj Spiller RB Clemson: Where to begin….a warm weather RB who doesn’t really fit their offense, ignoring every. single. other. glaring hole. on the roster, and didn’t try to trade down with someone like the Giants(who really wanted him badly)..then insulted their fans by trying to claim that they didn’t have any interest in Tebow ever. Sit down Chan..have a scone! Grade: “At least we didn’t trade up 4 picks for him” aka D

10.Jacksonville Jaguars-Tyson Alualu DT California: The Dr Evil pick of the first round, either it’ll be sheer genius or he’ll be the ill-tempered sea bass to Derrick Morgan’s Shark with a laser beam attached to his head. Grade: C-

11. San Francisco 49ers-Anthony Davis OT Rutgers(after a trade up): Pretty solid pick, they were looking for a NFL-ready right tackle and they got one in Davis without giving up much for him. Grade: B+

12. San Diego Chargers-Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State(after a trade up): Okay, I understand how they could see shades of LDT in Matthews, but giving up a high 2nd to move up for him? Really? They got suckered. Grade: C-

13. Philadelphia Eagles-Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan(after a trade up): The Eagles have Trent Cole, they dealt for Darryl Tapp…then they deal up for Brandon Graham? Don’t they have enough undersized DEs? Do they just want everyone to run outside on them all day long? Grade: C

14. Seattle Seahawks-Earl Thomas S Texas: I’m not a huge fan of Thomas but its hard to argue with this pick. The Hawks won’t be asking Thomas to secure the defensive backfield, so he can grow into the free safety role. Grade: B

15. New York GIants-Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida: Oh boy, JPP has the physical tools but he’s got “BUST” written all over him. Football outsider’s new SACKSEER prediction model(which appears to be fairly accurate) predicts him to have 3.8 sacks in his first 5 seasons. That might be optimistic with the players in front of him for playing time at DE. Grade: F(and a kick in the groin with a golf shoe).

16. Tennessee Titans-Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech: I’m not a big fan of Morgan either, but this is a steal of a pick for the Titans. Their defensive coaching staff are miracle workers, and Morgan has enough raw talent to become a force for them. Grade: A

17. San Francisco 49ers-Mike Iupati OL Idaho: Strong pick for the 49ers who should start immediately(and be an effective player for them immediately) and he’s a great fit for their system. Now if the 49ers could just realize that collecting #1 overall busts at QB is a bad plan….Grade: A+

18. Pittsburgh Steelers-Maurkice Pouncey OL Florida: Unfortunately, he probably has partied in Milledgeville Georgia….Grade: A

19. Atlanta Falcons-Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri: A pick in the Joe Haden file. Did Dan Williams or Jerry Hughes say something to piss off Arthur Blank? Grade: D-

20. Houston Texans-Kareem Jackson CB Alabama: Can’t argue with this pick. Jackson is a smart, polished CB. Grade: B+

21. Cincinnati Bengals-Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma: Great pick for their multiple sets, Gresham should start immediately. Grade: A

22. Denver Broncos-Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech(after a trade up): High upside WR with all the physical tools, how long before he’ll be able to contribute? Grade: B-

23. Green Bay Packers-Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa: Thursday afternoon, the Pack were negotiating with the Redskins about moving up to 4 for him–Thursday night, they get the steal of the draft. Grade: A+

24. Dallas Cowboys-Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State: So…with glaring needs on the OL and Defensive backfield, the Cowboys trade away a 4th to move up for a poor man’s Roy Williams? Grade: D

25. Denver Broncos-Tim Tebow QB Florida(after a trade up): Trading away a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th for a guy who will sit for 2-3 years? Tebow in the cold weather/heavy wind in Denver doesn’t look like a good combo either, but as Jason Whitlock said this morning, he’ll be the most talked about White Bronco since OJ and Al Cowling lol. Grade: C-

26. Arizona Cardinals-Dan Williams DL Tennessee: Talent wise, a steal. But with Campbell, Watson, Branch and Dockett, its a waste of a pick imo. Grade: D

27. New England Patriots-Devin McCourty CB Rutgers. In true Belichick tradition, he traded down a bunch of times to make this pick. McCourty probably contributes as a dime/outside Cb and on Special teams, but they need to fill real needs in round 2. Grade: C

28. Miami Dolphins-Jared Odrick DL Penn State. Robbed the chargers to move back here, Odrick will get into the rotation fairly quickly for the Phins. Grade: B-

29. New York Jets-Kyle Wilson CB Boise State. So…the Jets have Revis and traded for Cromartie…and they pass on Charles Brown, Dunlap and Bruce Campbell? Wtf? Grade: F.

30. Detroit Lions-Jahvid Best RB California(after a trade up): Expensive deal up for the Lions, but Best could be worth it on their turf. Grade: B+

31: Indianapolis Colts-Jerry Hughes DE/OLB TCUL: Great talent pick, he might have to adjust to the 4-3 defense though. Grade: A-

32: New Orleans Saints-Patrick Robinson CB Florida State: Very talented, needs to learn some better technique. But, what the fuck were the Saints thinking here? They have Malcolm Jenkins, Tracy Porter, Gay and Greer. Grade: C-

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