1. St Louis Rams: Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma. Done deal.
2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska. Flirted briefly with taking Okung, common sense will prevail.
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma. Tampa could go in a number of different directions, but I think that they go with McCoy at the end of the day.
4. Cleveland Browns(projected trade with the Washington Redskins, Washington gets #7, Cleveland’s 3rd and 5th round picks): Eric Berry S Tennessee. They need a playmaker in the worst way, Berry solidifies a shaky secondary.
5. Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State. Branden Albert, meet your 2010 version.
6. Seattle Seahawks: Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa. Walter Jones is 90% dust.
7. Washington Redskins(from Cleveland): Trent Williams OT Oklahoma. Traded down and still got the guy they wanted.
8. Oakland Raiders: Mike Iupati OL Idaho. Expect the unexpected.
9. Buffalo Bills: Dan Williams DL Tennessee. Shooting back up the boards, Buffalo will be looking at dealing up for Tebow or dealing for Jason Campbell.
10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech. I’m not buying the CJ Spiller talk with this pick.
11. Denver Broncos(from Chicago): Rolando McClain LB Alabama. They need defensive help.
12. Green Bay Packers(projected trade with the Miami Dolphins, Miami gets pick 23, AJ Hawk and Justin Harrell): Jerry Hughes 3-4 OLB TCU. Shooting up the boards, Hughes is a natural fit in their defense, dumping Hawk/Harrell saves them a ton of cash and the Phins could use them both.
13. San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Davis OT Rutgers. Jimmy Clausen is a possibility here.
14. Seattle Seahawks(from Denver): Charles Brown OT Southern Cal. RB/DB/WR can wait for round 2.
15. New York Giants: Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma. Status quo ante.
16. New England Patriots(projected trade with the Tennessee Titans, Tennessee gets pick 22 and their natural 2nd back): CJ Spiller RB Clemson Community College. Great fit for their spread offense and Morris et al can take the inside run responsibility.
17. San Francisco 49ers(from Carolina): Kyle Wilson Cb Boise State. Nate Clements is the biggest FA bust ever.
18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Earl Thomas FS Texas. Ballhawk to team with Troy.
19. Atlanta Falcons: Carlos Dunlap DE Florida. Project, but they can wait on him.
20. Houston Texans: Joe Haden CB Florida. Status quo ante.
21. Cincinnati Bengals: Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State. Status quo ante
22. Tennessee Titans(from New England): Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan. They think the world of him apparently. Good luck playing him at 43 DE, but worth the risk: Tennessee can now flip their 2nd to Washington for Fat Albert if they want.
23. Miami Dolphins(from Green Bay): Jahvid Best RB California. Even they don’t deal Ronnie Brown, they need another guy to team with him.
24. Buffalo Bills(projected trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, Eagles get Bills’ 2nd rounder, Donte Whitner and a 2nd in 2011): Tim Tebow Qb? Florida. Chad Gailey, for better or worse, likes his QBs with a running dimension.
25. Baltimore Ravens: Golden Tate WR Notre Dame. Even with Boldin, they need a deep threat to stretch things.
26. Arizona Cardinals: Jason Pierre-Paul DE/3-4 OLB South Florida. They need the outside rush presense, JPP is probably a safer bet in this system than in a 4-3.
27. Dallas Cowboys: Bruce Campbell OT UMD. They want to move up though and will use Williams/Barber as bait.
28. San Diego Chargers: Terrance Cody NT Alabama. I know they got some good play last year after Williams went down, but they need help there.
29. New York Jets: Jared Odrick DL PSU. Their DLine’s odometer is turning over quickly.
30. Minnesota Vikings: Jimmy Clausen Qb Notre Dame. And the Sage is uncaged.
31. Indianapolis Colts Roger Saffold OT Indiana. Very polished prospect who is shooting up late in the process.
32. New Orleans Saints: Taylor Mays S Southern Cal. Sharper, even if he comes back, isn’t long for the league.


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