Moves I liked:

*Dolphins sign Karlos Dansby to a 5 year, 43 million dollar deal: With Taylor, Porter and Ayodele moving on, they needed a playmaker and a leader on the defense. Dansby is that in spades. Great, fundamentally sound move for Parcells/Ireland.

*Kyle Vanden Bosch to the Lions: not a pro bowl level player, but a hard worker who can provide a consistent pass rush.

*Corey Williams to the Lions for basically nothing(a 5th for Williams and a 7th): Another hard worker who won’t embarrass the Lions.

*Dunta Robinson to the Falcons. He’s a major upgrade for their defense and allows them to use their first rounder on a DE or a #2 WR.

*Vince Wilfolk getting a massive deal to stay in New England. Losing him would have killed their defense, so it was smart to end this sore for the Pats.

Moves I’ll wait and see on:

*Anquan Boldin to the Ravens: The Cards did pretty well in this deal, getting 2 mid draft picks for a player they have been trying to weave out of the offense for 2 years. The Ravens…well, this move looks good on paper, but they needed a burner at WR. Their passing game is institutionally too conservative and the acquisition of Boldin just allows them to keep running the same vanilla passing attack.

*Antonio Cromartie to the Jets: The Jets got him fairly cheap, but that should have been a red flag. Cromartie has a world of talent but will always be held back by his lack of brainpower.

*Antrelle Rolle to the Giants. So….the Giants lost their ability to cover after Kenny Phillips went down and they give the biggest contract to a Safety in NFL history to a guy who struggles in coverage, but makes big plays? Huh?

Moves I laughed at:

*Chester Taylor to the Bears: Okay, Taylor is a good backup Rb, but he’s far too romanticized as this star player based on one year he had with the Ravens. But 12.5 million for him when they have Matt Forte in place? Ridiculous.

*Julius Peppers to the Bears. Talented–perhaps the most gifted DE in NFL history. But he’s 33 and takes off far too many players for the money committed to him.

*Nate Burleson to the Lions: 25 million for a guy who only shows up in contract years. Pass.


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