Adam Schefter came out today and guaranteed that the Rams would take Sam Bradford #1 in the upcoming NFL draft(Link via PFT). Adam might have some inside information from St Louis that the Rams are very interested in taking Sam Bradford, but there is no way on God’s Green Earth that any team, much less the Rams at #1, would commit(at least to the point where it could leak out to Schefter) to taking Bradford until 3 things happen:
1-Teams get his medical records
2-Teams get their doctors to check out his shoulder independently
3-Teams watch him throw in the flesh.

Also, with a number of Qbs slated to go around the Rams’ 2nd round pick(Tebow, Pike, Snead, etc), passing on Suh for Bradford and then hoping that they could find another quality defensive prospect would be a terribly bad decision for a braintrust that will have to justify their jobs to a new owner before very long.


One thought on “Much ado about nothing

  1. I defiantly think they will go with Suh like you said there will be a QB with their 2nd round pick, I wouldn’t say take Tebow. I’d take Pike or LeFevour.

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