Personally, I think this draft breaks down into 10 blue chippers, 25 risky picks and 20 sleepers(I’ll list them after this blurb). There’s some serious talent in this draft, but only in certain position: Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Offensive center, Safety, Wide Receiver, Tight End and Defensive Tackle. This is not a great year if you’re looking for a Quarterback, a running back or a cornerback. In some ways, it reminds me of the 2006 and 2008 drafts, which were heavy in certain areas, but had too many question marks in many other ones. Also, the draft is top heavy: the odds are that you’re going to find great players early or in the bottom third of the 1st round to the middle of the 2nd. If you’re picking outside of those areas, consider moving up or down. As for trades, the usual suspects(Philly, New England, Balto, Carolina, Dallas, etc) will be dealing up and down, but anyone outside the top 5 could be looking to move(especially if there’s a rookie salary cap). If the NFL doesn’t have a salary cap, expect a flurry of trades involving veterans for 2nd and 3rd round picks. Teams will be looking to dump salary(especially final 8 teams) and it will be a buyer’s market. As for the lists:

Blue chippers(in no order):

  1. Ndamukong Suh
  2. Sam Bradford
  3. Bryan Bulaga
  4. Eric Berry
  5. Rolando McClain
  6. Greg Hardy
  7. Damian Williams
  8. Terrance Cody
  9. Taylor Mays
  10. Gerald McCoy

Risky Picks:

  1. Jimmy Clausen
  2. Jevan Snead
  3. Jahvid Best
  4. CJ Spiller
  5. Trent Williams
  6. Dez Bryant
  7. Brandon Spikes
  8. Joe Haden
  9. Derrick Morgan
  10. Russell Okung
  11. Bruce Campbell
  12. Tony Pike
  13. Jerry Hughes
  14. Carlos Dunlap
  15. Earl Thomas
  16. Jermaine Gresham
  17. Tony McCoy
  18. Everson Griffen
  19. Sergio Kindle
  20. George Selvie
  21. Kyle Wilson BSU
  22. Jason Pierre-Paul
  23. Jordan Shipley
  24. Jacoby Ford
  25. John Jerry


  1. Charles Brown
  2. Myron Rolle
  3. Trevard Lindley
  4. Micah Johnson
  5. Dan LeFevour
  6. Eric Decker
  7. Dennis Pitts
  8. Marshawn Gilyard
  9. Andre Dixon
  10. Ciron Black
  11. Willie Young
  12. John Jerry
  13. Ryan Stamper
  14. Geno Atkins
  15. Ekom Udofia
  16. Ricky Sapp
  17. John Estes
  18. Jimmy Graham
  19. Greg Romeus
  20. Jermaine Cunningham

Stay Away from these players:

  1. Tim Tebow
  2. Colt McCoy
  3. Arrelious Benn
  4. Anthony Davis
  5. LaMarcus Coker
  6. Adam Ulatoski
  7. Sam Young
  8. Kam Chancellor
  9. Jon Asamoah
  10. Brandon James

Position Rankings:


1. Sam Bradford Oklahoma
2. Jevan Snead Ole Miss

3. Bill Stull Pittsburgh
4. Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame
5. Dan LeFevour Cental Michigan
6. Tony Pike Cincy
7. Zac Robinson Okla. State
8. Jonathan Crompton Tennessee
9. Colt McCoy Texas
10. Max Hall BYU

Sleeper: Dan LeFevour

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Jevan Snead


  1. Jahvid Best California
  2. Ryan Matthews Fresno State
  3. Toby Gerhard Stanford
  4. CJ Spiller Cletius Tech
  5. Anthony Dixon Miss State
  6. Joe McKnight USC
  7. Montario Hardesty Tennessee
  8. Charles Scott LSU
  9. Ben Tate Auburn
  10. Andre Dixon U-Conn

Sleeper: Andre Dixon

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Joe McKnight


  1. Aaron Hernandez Florida
  2. Jermaine Gresham Oklahoma
  3. Tony McCoy USC
  4. Dennis Pitts BYU
  5. Ed Dickson Oregon
  6. Tony Moeaki Iowa
  7. Colin Peek Alabama
  8. Jeron Mastrud K-State
  9. Caz Piurowki FSU
  10. Scott Sicko New Hampshire

Sleeper: Dennis Pitts

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Tony McCoy


  1. Damian Williams USC
  2. Golden Tate Notre Dame
  3. Marshawn Gilyard Cincy
  4. Brandon Lafell LSU
  5. Dez Bryant Oklahoma State
  6. Jeremy Williams Tulane
  7. Arrelious Benn Illinois
  8. Eric Decker Minnesota
  9. Danario Williams Missouri
  10. Jordan Shipley Texas

Sleeper: Eric Decker

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Dez Bryant


  1. Bryan Bulaga Iowa
  2. Russell Okung Okla. State
  3. Bruce Campbell UMD
  4. Charles Brown USC
  5. Jason Fox Miami
  6. Ciron Black LSU
  7. Trent Williams Oklahoma
  8. Kyle Calloway Iowa
  9. Anthony Davis Rutgers
  10. Chris Scott Tennessee

Sleeper: Charles Brown

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Bruce Campbell


  1. Mike Iupati Idaho
  2. Mike Johnson Alabama
  3. John Jerry Ole Miss
  4. Mitch Petrus Arkansas
  5. Jon Asamoah Illinois
  6. Jeff Byers USC
  7. Sergio Render Va-Tech
  8. Bradon Carter TTU
  9. Dan Doering Iowa
  10. Thomas Austin Cletius Tech

Sleeper: John Jerry

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Jeff Byers


  1. Stefen Wisniewski PSU
  2. Kristofer O’Dowd USC
  3. JD Walton Baylor
  4. Eric Olsen Notre Dame
  5. Matt Tennant BC
  6. Joel Mitchman MSU
  7. John Estes Hawaii
  8. Jim Cordle Ohio State
  9. Chris Fisher Louisana-Lafayette
  10. Chris Hall Texas

Sleeper: John Estes

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Eric Olsen


  1. Greg Hardy Ole Miss
  2. Derrick Morgan Ga-Tech
  3. Greg Romeus Pittsburgh
  4. Jeremy Beal Oklahoma
  5. Carlos Dunlap Florida
  6. Jermaine Cunningham Florida
  7. Everson Griffen USC
  8. Brandon Lang Troy
  9. Willie Young NC State
  10. Brandon Sharpe Texas Tech

Sleeper: Willie Young

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Carlos Dunlap

3-4 OLB/DE:

  1. Jerry Hughes TCU
  2. Eric Norwood South Carolina
  3. Sergio Kindle Texas
  4. Ricky Sapp Cletius Tech
  5. George Selvie South Florida
  6. Antonio Coleman Auburn
  7. O’Brien Schofield Wisconsin
  8. Arthur Moats James Madison
  9. Aaron Morgan Louisana-Monroe
  10. Cameron Sheffield Troy

Sleeper: Ricky Sapp

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Jerry Hughes


  1. Ndamakong Suh Nebraska
  2. Gerald McCoy Oklahoma
  3. Dan Williams Tennessee
  4. Jared Odrick PSU
  5. Arthur Jones Syracuse
  6. Mike Neal Purdue
  7. Vince Oghobaase Duke
  8. Corey Peters UK
  9. Geno Atkins UGA
  10. Boo Robinson Wake

Sleeper: Geno Atkins

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Gerald McCoy


  1. Terrence Cody Alabama
  2. Kade Weston UGA
  3. Jay Ross ECU
  4. DeMarcus Granger Oklahoma
  5. Travis Ivey UMD
  6. Jeff Owens UGA
  7. Mick Williams Pittsburgh
  8. Ekom Udofia Stanford
  9. Lamarr Houston Texas
  10. Torrell Troup UCF

Sleeper: Ekom Udofia

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): DeMarcus Granger


  1. AJ Edds Iowa
  2. Sean Weatherspoon Missouri
  3. Rico McCoy Tennessee
  4. Navorro Bowman PSU
  5. Dekoda Watson FSU
  6. Roddrick Muckelroy Texas
  7. Rennie Curran UGA
  8. Sam Maxwell Kentucky
  9. Ryan Stamper Florida
  10. Patrick Trahan Ole Miss

Sleeper: Ryan Stamper

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Navorro Bowman


  1. Rolando McClain Alabam
  2. Brandon Spikes Florida
  3. Pat Angerer Iowa
  4. Reggie Carter UCLA
  5. Joe Pawelek Baylor
  6. Jamar Chaney Miss State
  7. Micah Johnson Kentucky
  8. Phillip Dillard Nebraska
  9. Daryl Washington TCU
  10. Clinton Snyder Stanford

Sleeper: Micah Johnson

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Brandon Spikes


  1. Joe Haden Florida
  2. Perrish Cox Oklahoma State
  3. Brandon Ghee Wake
  4. Javier Arenas Alabama
  5. Donovan Warren Michigan
  6. Kareem Jackson Alabama
  7. Trevard Lindley Kentucky
  8. Kyle Wilson BSU
  9. Dominique Franks Oklahoma
  10. Walter Thurmond Oregon

Sleeper: Trevard Lindley

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Joe Haden


  1. Eric Berry Tennessee
  2. Taylor Mays USC
  3. Chad Jones LSU
  4. Nate Allen South Florida
  5. Myron Rolle FSU
  6. Earl Thomas Texas
  7. Reshad Jones UGA
  8. Major Wright Florida
  9. Myron Lewis Vandy
  10. Justin Woodall Alabama

Sleeper: Myron Rolle

Biggest risk(with the highest upside): Taylor Mays

The 3 players each team will or should be targeting in both the 1st/2nd rounds(3 names per pick):

St Louis Rams:

1st round: Ndamukong Suh, Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford

2nd round: Jevan Snead, Tony Pike, Dez Bryant

Detroit Lions:

1st round: Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry

2nd round: Taylor Mays, Jason Fox, Ryan Matthews

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

1st round: Eric Berry, Gerald McCoy, Russell Okung

2nd round: Golden Tate, Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy

2nd round: Marshawn Gilyard, Earl Thomas, Nate Allen

Washington Redskins:

1st round: Sam Bradford, Bryan Bulaga, Bruce Campbell

2nd round: Charles Brown, Trent Williams, Jason Fox

Kansas City Chiefs:

1st round: Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga, Bruce Campbell

2nd round: Aaron Hernandez, Jason Fox, Brandon Spikes

2nd round: Earl Thomas, Jamar Chaney, Ricky Sapp

Seattle Seahawks:

1st round: Jimmy Claussen, Sam Bradford, Joe Haden

1st round: Bruce Campbell, Bryan Bulaga, Taylor Mays

2nd round: Brandon LaFell, Jevan Snead, Charles Brown

Cleveland Browns:

1st round: Jimmy Claussen, Jahvid Best, Derrick Morgan

2nd round: Tim Tebow, Tony Pike, Brandon Spikes

Oakland Raiders:

1st round: Tim Tebow, Taylor Mays, Rolando McClain

2nd round: Jordan Shipley, Sergio Kindle, Ricky Sapp

Buffalo Bills:

1st round: Jimmy Claussen, Bruce Campbell, Rolando McClain

2nd round: Tony Pike, Jason Fox, Eric Norwood

Jacksonville Jaguars:

1st round: Greg Hardy, Taylor Mays, Derrick Morgan

Chicago Bears(no picks in the first 2 rounds)

Miami Dolphins:

1st round: Terrance Cody, Rolando McClain, Jermaine Gresham

2nd round: Brandon Spikes, Mike Iupati, Aaron Hernandez

San Francisco 49ers:

1st round: Bryan Bulaga, Bruce Campbell, Tim Tebow

1st round: Tim Tebow, Bruce Campbell, Terrance Cody

2nd round: Tony Pike, Jason Fox, Mike Iupati

Denver Broncos:

1st round: Rolando McClain, Joe Haden, Terrance Cody

2nd round: Golden Tate, Brandon LaFell, Mike Johnson

New York Giants:

1st round: Taylor Mays, Sean Weatherspoon, Earl Thomas

2nd round: Perrish Cox, Brandon Spikes, Chad Jones

Tennessee Titans:

1st round: Sean Weatherspoon, Brandon Spikes, Derrick Morgan

Carolina Panthers:

2nd round: Marshawn Gilyard, Dez Bryant, Tony Pike

Pittsburgh Steelers:

1st round: Jason Fox, Trent Williams, Anthony Davis

2nd round: Jason Fox, Mike Johnson, John Jerry

Atlanta Falcons:

1st round: Damian Williams, Taylor Mays, Greg Hardy

Houston Texans:

1st round: Joe Haden, Jahvid Best, Damian Williams, Brian Price

2nd round: Mike Johnson, Brandon Ghee, Chad Jones

Cincinnati Bengals:

1st round: Damian Williams, Dez Bryant, Brian Price

2nd round: Golden Tate, Aaron Hernandez, Dan Williams

New England Patriots:

1st round: Jahvid Best, CJ Spiller, Brandon Spikes

2nd round: Brandon Spikes, Marshawn Gilyard, Eric Norwood

2nd round: Eric Norwood, Golden Tate, Jerry Hughes

2nd round: Toby Gerhart, Rico McCoy, Carlos Dunlap

Green Bay Packers:

1st round: Anthony Davis, Trent Williams, Charles Brown

2nd round: Jason Fox, Chad Jones, Javier Arenas

Philadelphia Eagles:

1st round: Trent Williams, Brandon Spikes, Anthony Davis

2nd round: Kyle Calloway, AJ Edds, John Jerry

Baltimore Ravens:

1st round:  Dez Bryant, Damian Williams, Brandon Ghee

2nd round: Golden Tate, Javier Arenas, Kyle Wilson

Arizona Cardinals:

1st round: Trent Williams, Eric Norwood, Jerry Hughes

2nd round: Ricky Sapp, George Selvie, Kyle Calloway

Dallas Cowboys:

1st round: Carlos Dunlap, Dez Bryant, Anthony Davis

2nd round: Danario Williams, Jared Veldheer, Daryl Washington

San Diego Chargers:

1st round: Taylor Mays, Terrance Cody, CJ Spiller

2nd round: Ryan Matthews, Chad Jones, Donovan Warren

New York Jets:

1st round: Carlos Dunlap, Jared Odrick, Damian Williams

2nd round: Jeremy Williams, Earl Thomas, Nate Allen

Minnesota Vikings:

1st round: Tim Tebow, Trent Williams, Anthony Davis

2nd round: Ciron Black, Tony Pike, Brandon Ghee

New Orleans Saints:

1st round: Taylor Mays, Brian Price, Dan Williams

2nd round: Javier Arenas, Perrish Cox, Vince Oghobaase

Indianapolis Colts:

1st round: Greg Hardy, Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Spikes

2nd round: Pat Angerer, Jamar Chaney, Tony McCoy


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