Ten completely wild and speculative trades that need to happen this offseason(assuming no cap)

1. New England sends their 1st rounder, highest 2nd rounder, Sammy Morris and a conditional 2011 pick to Carolina for Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith.

Rationale: Carolina needs young talent, and the current makeup of their roster isn’t going to save John Fox’s job. I think that Carolina would rather deal Williams than Stewart, but the fans would riot if that happened. New England needs offensive weapons, especially a reliable Rb not named Maroney. With so many extra picks, they can afford to splurge. And picking up Smith gives them a real target to take the pressure off of Moss with Welker recovering.

2. Seattle trades Matt Hasselback to Cleveland for Brady Quinn.

Rationale: Seattle needs to move on in the Carroll era. Hasselback might be done, but he’s probably more reliable than either Anderson or Quinn. Seattle gets a young QB to build around so that they can use their 1st round picks on Olinemen(which they need badly whether or not Walter Jones hangs them up).

3. Indianapolis trades Joseph Addai to Detroit for Ernie Sims and a 3rd round pick in 2010

Rationale: Indy loves them some Donald Brown and Addai is a free agent after 2010. They always could use young defensive talent and Detroit needs a RB(Kevin Smith doesn’t seem like a long term solution). Sims is a free agent after 2010 also and doesn’t seem likely to resign to stay in the motor city(especially if he’s fighting for his job).

4. New England sends Matt Light and their 4th round pick to Washington for their 2nd round pick.

Rationale: Washington needs a left tackle with the impending retirement of Chris Samuels due to medical problems and this move would let them use their first on Sam Bradford. New England prefers Vollmer to Light and a high 2nd allows them to find another young player to throw into the mix.

5. Giants trade Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham to the Bucs for their 2nd round pick and the RFA rights to Jeremy Trueblood.

Rationale: The Giants get to make Bradshaw(who was their best offensive player in 2009) the primary RB, Manningham isn’t stuck behind Hakeem Nicks and they get an OT to solidify the right side of the line with(either with Trueblood playing at RT or moving Diehl there and playing him on the left). Tampa gets what they desperately need: offensive talent. Manningham would be their top WR immediately and Jacobs would be perfect to team with Cadillac. And they can use their 1st round pick on someone like Eric Berry or Gerald McCoy to bolster their defense.

6. Philadelphia sends Shawn Andrews to Pittsburgh for their 2nd round pick

Rationale: I wouldn’t be surprised if this deal was both Andrews brothers to Pittsburgh for a 2nd and something else. Shawn needs a change of scenery to Philly, the Steelers need Oline talent pretty badly and Andrews represents acceptable risk.

7. Seattle sends their 2nd rounder and a conditional 2011 pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall

Rationale: Another change of scenery trade. Denver is sick of Marshall’s crap, Seattle is desperate for offensive playmakers with Deion Branch deciding to go through the motions. Houzh is a quality Y, but they need a deep ball playmaker to team with him.

8. Washington deals the RFA rights to Jason Campbell to St Louis for their 2nd round pick in 2010

Rationale: This trade actually nets the Rams 2 players: Campbell and Suh. With Bulger apparently retiring and Boller only being effective with Carrie Prejean, they need a QB badly. The Skins are going to move on from Campbell, right or not, and are happy to net anything for him.

9. Giants deal Osi Umenyioria to St Louis for Chris Long and a conditional 2011 pick

Rationale: Osi has worn out his welcome in New York, but Spags could use him to make his system run in the Midwest. Chris Long has shown some flashes, but he looks to be more a DT/DE tweener. Unfortunately, he’ll never be able to win over the fans in St Louis doing this due to his draft position, but New York could use him in that fluid Dline they want to run.

10. New Orleans and Philadelphia swap Reggie Bush for Brian Westbrook

Rationale: Both players need new franchise to play with. Bush would be a good fit in Philly with all the screens that Reid likes to run and Westbrook’s leadership would be good fit in New Orleans to team with Pierre Thomas.


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