The 2010 All-Akh Draft team:
WR:  Arrelious Benn Illinois
WR: Dez Bryant Oklahoma State
TE: Jermaine Gresham Oklahoma
LT:  Bryan Bulaga Iowa
LG: Rodney Hudson FSU
OC: Kristofer O’Dowd USC
RG: John Jerry Ole Miss
RT:  Russell Okung Oklahoma
WR: Brandon LaFell LSU
QB:  Sam Bradford Oklahoma
RB: Jahvid Best California
DE:  Carlos Dunlap Florida
DT: Gerald McCoy Oklahoma
DT: Terrence Cody Alabama
DE:  Everson Griffen USC
SLB: Mark Herzlich BC
MLB:  Rolando McClain Alabama
WLB: Travis Lewis Oklahoma
CB: Trevard Lindley Kentucky
CB: Ras-I Dowling UVA
FS: Eric Berry Tennessee
SS: Taylor Mays USC

1. Sam Bradford Oklahoma. Outside of big game flutters, I can’t find a flaw with him.
2. Jevan Snead Ole Miss. Polished, but needs to boost his overall accuracy.
3. Zac Robinson Oklahoma State. Can make all the throws, mobile and good leader.
4. Pat Devlin Delaware(jr). Next Flacco?
5. Colt McCoy Texas. Good production, but just Vince Young 2 with the same flaws.
6. Dan LeFevour Central Michigan. Low level competition, but impressive tools.
7. Tim Hiller Western Michigan. Another small school project, but can make every throw.
8. Tim Tebow Florida. Alex Smith on line 2 for you.
9. Riley Skinner Wake Forest. Doesn’t have great tools, but just makes plays.
10. Rusty Smith Florida Atlantic. Small school, but has NFL level tools.

1. Jahvid Best California. A burner in the mold of Felix Jones/Chris Johnson.
2. Jonathan Dwyer Ga-Tech. Good size/speed, very productive, needs to show more technique.
3. Joe McKnight USC(jr). Great size/speed, very raw and inconsistent.
4. LeGarrette Blount Oregon. Big, bruising back who was very productive.
5. CJ Spiller Clemson Community College. The Maurice Jones Drew comparison are slightly absurd.
6. DeMarco Murry Oklahoma. Very talented, but can’t take the pounding.
7. Charles Scott LSU. Needs to show more speed, but an interesting prospect.
8. Stafon Johnson USC. Gets knocked over his production, but how many good RBs does USC have?
9. Tony Dixon Miss State. Big bruising back who produces.
10. Ben Tate Auburn. Good size/speed, but he disappears.

1. Arrelious Benn Illinois(jr). Has everything you look for in a prospect.
2. Dez Bryant Oklahoma State(jr). Reminds people of Boldin.
3. Brandon LaFell LSU. Great size/speed, hit/miss production.
4. Damian Williams USC(Jr). Was the engine of the USC passing game last year, he’ll just get better and better.
5. Eric Decker Minnesota. A proto-typical flanker who does all the little things well.
6. Marshawn Gilyard Cincy. A Devin Thomas clone with speed/speed/quickness.
7. Naaman Roosevelt Buffalo. Amazing production in a running offense, decent tools.
8. Bryan Anderson Central Michigan. Big with decent speed, he’s got red zone written all over him.
9. David Nelson Florida. Another big gangly freak who could run a 4.4.
10. Terrell Hudgins Elon. A tank of a WR.

1. Jermaine Gresham Oklahoma. One of the best TE prospects to come out in years. Has the total package.
2. Dennis Pita BYU. Great size/speed, great receiving threat.
3. Rob Gronkowski Arizona. More a blocker than a receiving, but is massive.
4. Ed Dickson Oregon. Has the tools, needs to show better production.
5. Michael Hoomanawanui Illinois. Massive blocking TE.
6. Garrett Graham Wisconsin. More an H-Back, but a receiving threat.
7. Cody Slate Marshall. More an oversized WR.
8. Nate Byham Pittsburgh. Hback who’s more a blocker.
9. Anthony McCoy USC. Very athletic with good size/speed, needs to show receiving skills.
10. Andrew Quarless PSU. Big time talent, big time headache.

1. Bryan Bulaga Iowa(jr). Great LT prospect.
2. Russell Okung Oklahoma State. Probably an NFL RT, but a great prospect.
3. Ciron Black LSU. Great nasty technician, maybe a bit slow.
4. Trent Williams Oklahoma. Athletic LT prospect who needs to work on his run blocking.
5. Sam Young Notre Dame. Struggled at times, but has the tools.
6. Adam Ulatoski Texas. Massive NFL RT prospect, might have to move to OG.
7. Ed Wang Va-Tech. Has the tools zone blocking teams look for.
8. Charles Brown USC. Too bad he’s not a kicker lol
9. Chris Marinelli Stanford. Probably a RT, but good upside.
10. Selvish Capers WVU. Zone blocking teams will target him.

OGs and OCs.
1. Sergio Render Va-Tech. Perfect for a Coryell system.
2. Kris O’Dowd USC(jr) OC. Almost as good a prospect as Mack.
3. John Jerry Ole Miss. Peria’s brother, only much, much bigger.
4. Josh McNeil Tenn(jr) OC. Polished OC who needs to learn leverage.
5. Brandon Carter Texas Tech. 370 lbs og who can pull? Wow.
6. Mike Johnson Alabama. Can play some OT, very athletic.
7. John Estes Hawaii OC. Playing in a pass happy offense isn’t a problem for him.
8. Stefen Wisniewki PSU. Has the pedigree and is perfect for a RG spot.
9. Shelley Smith CSU. Doesn’t have the measurables, but didn’t give up a sack or get flagged in 2008.
10. Chris Fisher Louisiana-Lafayette OC. Pass happy offense OC who struggles in run blocking.

1. Carlos Dunlap Florida(jr). I speak for all Gamecock fans when I just call him one thing: traitor!
2. Everson Griffen USC. A 260 lbs DE with 4.5 speed.
3. Greg Hardy Ole Miss. Polished, great pass rusher, plays hurt, he should be a top 12 pick.
4. Brandon Graham Michigan. Good size/speed, probably a LDE in the NFL in the mold of Alex Brown.
5. George Selvie South Florida. Probably more a 3-4 rush LB, but good measurable/production.
6. Eric Norwood South Carolina. Definitely a 3-4 OLB in the mold of Lamar Woodley, but has a nose for making plays(19.5 TFLs in 08).
7. Daniel Te’o-Nesheim Washington. Relentless pass rusher, struggles against the run.
8. CJ Wilson ECU. Great size/speed, raw technique wise.
9. Dexter Davis ASU. Should move to SLB in the NFL.
10. Corey Wootton Northwestern. The poster boy for projects in the NFL. 6-7 270 4.8 40.

1. Gerald McCoy Oklahoma(jr). Great prospect and athlete. Maybe a top 4 pick.
2. Terrance Cody Alabama. Great NT prospect, some character questions.
3. Ndamukong Suh Nebraska. Just a monster of a 2 gapper.
4. Marvin Austin UNC(jr). Great athlete who needs a monster 09 to get back to blue chip status.
5. DeMarcus Granger Oklahoma. Is overlooked because of McCoy, but he’s a great prospect on his own.
6. Vince Oghobaase Duke. Raw, but amazing physical tools
7. Geno Atkins UGA. An undersized 1 gapper, but great athleticism and production.
8. Boo Robinson Wake Forest. Another NT prospect who needs shaping.
9. Jared Odrick PSU. Injury concerns, but just a great player.
10. Malcolm Sheppard Arkansas. Pass rusher who’ll get thrown around on run support.

1. Travis Lewis Oklahoma. A Will prospect who’s as faster than most Rbs. He’s a machine.
2. Michael Morgan USC(jr). The next in the long line of USC LB prospects.
3. Sean Weatherspoon Missouri. Tackling machine who’s very polished.
4. Mark Herzlich BC(he’s listed as my best OLB, but that was before his cancer diagnosis). A big, fast SLB prospect who reminds people of Brian Cushing.
5. Sergio Kindle Texas. He should pray to go to a 3-4 team.
6. Rico McCoy Tennessee. Probably needs to move inside, but a very polished player.
7. Roddrick Muckelroy Texas. Very raw, but has the measurables.
8. Keenan Clayton Oklahoma. A converted Strong Safety, but can fly around.
9. Travis Goethel ASU. Doesn’t have the physical tools, but makes plays.
10. Luther Brown USC. Backup for 3 years, Brown will get a chance to claim the mantle of SC olbs.

1. Rolando McClain Alabama(jr). The Aaron Curry of this draft.
2. Brandon Spikes Florida. Makes plays, but seems like a bad fit in the NFL. Reminds me too much of Derrick Johnson.
3. Micah Johnson Kentucky. Leader, playmaker, warrior.
4. Sean Lee PSU. Injury issues, but everything you look for in a 4-3 MLB.
5. Daryl Washington TCU. Undersized, but a blazingly fast MLB.
6. Joe Pawelek Baylor. Size, speed, production.
7. Darryl Sharpton Miami. Very undersized, and injury issues: but makes plays.
8. Boris Lee Troy. Undersized, but fast.
9. Ryan D’Imperio Rutgers. Great size/speed, needs to show polish.
10. Pat Angerer Iowa. Tackling machine who needs to show more.

1. Trevard Lindley Kentucky. Very polished with good size/speed. He would have been a 2009 1st rounder.
2. Ras-I Dowling UVA(jr). Has to go to the right system, but a world of talent/physical ability.
3. Javier Arenas Alabama. Amazing physical tools, and has shown something playing CB.
4. Donovan Warren Michigan(jr). A lot like Marlin Jackson, but better physical tools.
5. Stephen Virgil Va-Tech. His stock will soar if Macho Harris looks good as a rookie
6. Kyle Wilson Boise State. More an athlete than a polished player, there’s a lot of clay to mold here.
7. Crezdon Butler Clemson Community College. Fast, big, quick, can’t cover for shit.
8. Brandon Ghee Wake Forest. With Alphonso Smith going to the NFL, Ghee will have to step up.
9. Walter Thurmond Oregon. Big, fast, can play..can’t stay healthy
10. Syd’Quan Thompson California. Very polished, but very small.

1. Taylor Mays USC. He’d better get used to the concept of him in Silver and Black lol
2. Eric Berry Tennesseee(jr). The most polished safety to come out since LaRon Landry.
3. Myron Lewis Vandy. Extremely underrated prospect, he can be a dominating player.
4. Myron Rolle FSU. Good prospect, will drop because of his academic desires.
5. Darrell Stuckey Kansas. Productive with good tools.
6. Major Wright Florida. Very polished cover safety.
7. Reshad Jones UGA(jr). Great in coverage, struggles in run support.
8. Jordan Lake Baylor. Productive without great tools.
9. Kam Chancellor Va Tech. A physical project in the mold of Pat Watkins.
10. Anderson Russell Ohio State. Talented, but struggles to produce.

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